Saturday, January 30, 2010

Water problems

Our mere existence is because of water. It is so ubiquitous that we never fear its end. Most of the available water is contaminated or salty. The fresh water available today for consumption is becoming more and more insufficient by the day. The monsoon this year was not a great one for Mumbai and its surrounding regions. Water scarcity is pinching every now and then. It is just the start of spring, God knows what will happen in the peak of summer.

The water coming to suburbs has steadily declined over the years. The never ending pile up of new buildings emerging every day, as the suburb becomes more and more like a full fledged city with the same amount of water to give has resulted in a conundrum to today's water supply solution experts. Try looking for a parking space today, you will know how much populated your suburb has become.

Growing trees inside your building premises, is great. Maintaining a garden is really beautiful. The trees are in need of water as much as we are in need of. They are also after all living beings. The reduction in water supply to the building means, they will also feel the pinch of it. The reality is something different. Our building secretary ordered not to water the trees in our premises for some days, as there was water scarcity problems. It is not fare on them, but limited supply of such a precious fluid; it could have not been wiser.

Trees don't talk, they can't express their happiness or sadness. They just take it till they can and eventually succumb to nature's sorry plight. They fall, they fall down. One of the trees fell. I had a drop of tears in my eyes, when I looked at it the following morning. We could not give it water, but we do have tears for them. Save trees, tomorrow depends on them!!

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