Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mistakes from the past

The guilt of doing something wrong in the past, does hurt us sometimes in the present. It is something which had gone wrong, that you could have repaired well now as compared to then. As someone reminds you of those things, you start remembering it. Everything passes in front of you like a flash. You forget the things on hand. Just that brief amount of time of thought can spoil your whole day sometimes.

The past is more powerful than it looks like. The past carries vital experience that can be used in the present. Something similar happening can be tackled well with the experience we had before. But it also has its ugly face, which can turn the tide in today's context of things. It will spoil your mood, make you nervous or may be make you feel irritated on yourself.

Courtesy: Picture taken from google search!!

Yes, it depends from person to person. Some people don't even remember things, some don't like remembering things. Some people just chuck it. For me I tend to get bogged down by things like this. My mood changes and I totally feel miserable. Guilt of doing bad in something in the past, hurts me.

I have tired lot of things to keep me busy during such an outburst of thoughts and not give food for it. But somehow, I find myself pondering at darkest canopy of room. Getting lost in the thoughts and giving no heed to what was happening in front of me. Me being a Pisces, getting moody was by nature.

Last week, I had one such days again. Remembering some old friend, with whom I have no contact now. The way we went different ways, was not satisfying. I could have done much better to keep in touch with that person, inspite of having a not so good relationship. I finally broke the jinx of guilt. I told myself that, I am a human being and I am allowed to make mistakes. No one is perfect. Gone are those days. Feeling guilty about it, will not resolve anything today.

I changed the way I felt about the whole thing. I felt great about leaving things behind, especially the guilt feeling. I did a mistake, but I can forgive myself even though my friend could not. I felt better within. I am a changed man now. :) :) What an idea sirji!! :) :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sambar made in India, vegetables from Israel

I was really lonely for almost most of the past month. Really alone, did not know what to do and whom to get to. It was getting a little cranky, I was slowly but surely loosing it. My job was boring, so doing something nice and worthwhile was the order of the day. Obviously, it had to make me feel good from within.

I could read a book, see some movies, but all this was not getting that inside bliss I was looking for. I was in an alien country, with no one to look for, doing things on my own. I tried cooking for a change, it did some wonders to my attitude and soothing my cranky mind. It was a totally different subject for me. I never thought cooking could relieve my pressures. It surely did.

Now I was back home, but was still alone. As parents were on vacation, I had to do something to keep me going, as I was loosing it fast for the last week or two. I did call friends, but it did not make me feel great. I fell back to cooking like I was doing in Israel. I had bought some onions and potatoes when I was there, which I never used. I could not throw them away when I was packing to come back. So brought it with me.

Vegetables from Israel:

Potato cutting, This is hardwork !!

Now I remembered the vegetables and included them for my sambar. Some potato cut into pieces and cooked with oil, chilli powder, pepper, garlic-paste, jeera, some masala powder and lastly haldi powder with salt. And like magic, Aloo-jeera is done. (Microwave cooking only, do try this at home)

The attention now turns towards dal and rice, which is so easy if you have a cooker. So for dal it is 4 whistles and for rice 2 whistles. This is pretty easy. Cooker 1 for Dal, Cooker 2 for rice. Put exact amount of water, otherwise the dal cooker will over-flow and form a yellow water deposit on the cover of the cooker like you see in the picture.

Now, tamrid water preparation for the sambar. It is tricky to clean tamrid. After that, cut onions I don't have a picture of onions as I was crying (when you cut onions you have to cry). Frying pan to fry the onions till they turn brownish. Now take a big vessel add the onions and tamrid water. You will have to squeeze the tamrid to get the juice. Then the dal, then the magic mom prepared Sambar powder. When you put it, the smell of the whole atmosphere changes.

It is a fairly simple procedure, but something to get my mind into away from the things happening around me. Finally I bought some curd to finish my small lunch. The sambar and the Aloo jeera subji tasted like bliss. It was cooked just fine, just perfect. My stomach is full and it feels great to get that drowsy feeling after you had your lunch on a sunday.