Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photofair 2010: Sad story

After being bitten by this strange term called photography, I have been looking for opportunities to get to experience this amazing world through my eyes. The last few months of R and D into this field; attending workshops and doing all sort of new things and learning operating DSLR was really a great experience. Something which had drawn my attention from boring work. I would say. The last few months have been amazing really. Photofair 2010 was the first photo exhibition I was attending.

I have a canon camera. For a start, there was no canon stall on display, Nikon stole the limelight. There was everything one would long for, as a photography enthusiast. Every tom dick and hairy instrument and umbrella. The bags, hoods, accessories, you name it and it was there. Photography magazine stores, tripod stands, printing papers, image enhancement software, workshop on photography. The Nikon had a show with models walking on the ramp and photographers catching a quick picture.

The crowd that turned up on an sunday morning was totally mind boggling. I never expected so much crowd. It was really very chaotic. You had to wait in the queue for atleast 15-20 mins to view telephoto lens of Nikon on display. For getting a review of a lens, you had to wait for atleast 10 mins. I was taken aback by the way some shop keeper treated customers. The stall owners expected a more professional photographer than an hobbyist.

Some people donned rajasthani dresses and were singing some typical rajasthani songs just to get a feel. Nikon stall was well managed and compactly build, to have lot of things to offer than just cameras.

I wanted to check out a hood for my canon lens. So I went to a stall, but the owner just shot at me and asked his workers not to get anything for me. He may have felt, I was not a potential buyer and was just fooling around. It was rather embarrassing for me, when I did not have enough cash for the hood and he did not accept card. Photography is a huge field. It sure gives a brand imbroglio feeling, as there are lot of brands to choose from. Samsung, Pentax, Panasonic, Nikon, Kodak, Fujifilm and not to forget Canon and Sony into it. I did not feel great after this incident. I just checked some telephoto lens and called it a day. There was no Sony Alfa DSLR stalls too. More than anything, no canon, no good.

As an hobbyist I would have liked to see some canon lenses, which I might buy in the near future. May be I should just cheer myself and say "Better luck next time" :) I did win a cap in one of the contests :)


Abby Kihano said...

dude... how is the photo deals anyway? i know you take pretty pictures. oh you know what you should do? take pictures of landscapes and then send them to national geographic. that would be so awesome if you get featured! ^_^

also, i know this is a bit too much to
ask for, but i recently changed my
url from to and i was
wondering if you can give me a favor
and stop following and then follow
again with that url. it's one of the
reasons why you're not getting any
updates from me anymore.

thank you so much :]

loves, abby

kaka said...

what was the contest????

LAN said...

@Abby: Thanks for stopping by!! :) I have followed your other url you gave; keep smiling;

@Kaka: It was kind of a quiz, where they asked some questions on photography!! I knew one of the answers!! :)

NIM said...

hey I attended the exhibition on Sunday too!!! it was really good... did u check out some of the photos on display? which canon DSLR do u have anyways? I'm thinking of buying one too. :)

LAN said...

@NIM: I have a canon EOS 1000D, and did you see me on sunday ? :P
Yes I checked those pictures on display of the temple excavated in gujarat......nice pictures!!

sabkush said...

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