Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anger control

Anger covers the true you. It makes you take rash decisions, spell doomsday backwards, gives less time to think before speaking a word or well say strikes you out before you know something has struck you. A feeling so natural, how can it affect us so much in a negative way.

I was really angry the other day. When I reached a point, that I could not take it anymore, I just left everything aside to take a walk. I did not know where I was going. I was just walking with so much rage in my eyes, in my mind. I was more angry less disappointed. The only thing that was talking was the anger. For sometime, my mind had forgotten, how good a person I was.

If I would not have taken that walk, my anger would have splashed out on someone. I walked, but my mind was fully on the matter on mind. It was difficult to concentrate on the surrounding. As slowly as I walked, a car almost hit me. I gathered consciousness. I looked at people around, some where playing cards in a shed, some little kids were roaming around with very less clothes or nothing at all. Ladies were separating garlic from its skin. Buzz of horns as the vehicles passed by. A guy was shouting at another guy. As soon as the vehicles passed, the sounds of horns diminished, like a mosquito buzzing by your ears.

Picture Courtesy google search!!

The dust on the road erupted like a volcano waiting all the time, when the lorries and cars passed by. I could not see what was happening in front of me for a minute second. In all this where has my anger gone? I wondered...It had drastically gone down. I felt my heart speaking now after the crazy and angry mind. I gave a practical thought to the situation. I got an answer for the issue on mind, this time with a calm mind.

Its amazing what a calm mind can do to a situation. That's why it says, "Think with a calm mind". So when angry, just give yourself a break, take a walk. I felt better.

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