Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ramdom goodness

It amazing what a small deed of goodness can do. It can change the mood of someone momentarily or totally. I was out cycling where I felt the need of having some water. I did not carry a water bottle. I dropped by the near Coconut stall. Coconut water is very soothing to quench your thirst. The guy in the shop was rather restless.

He had a very tense expression on his face. I felt something was wrong. Being a south Indian I had a small chat in tamil (just normal talk). I could not get his face to talk. As they say face is the index of the mind. He was really in a pensive mood. He was talking but, his thought process was going again and again to something, like the waves touching land one after the other.

At last when I payed the money and was about to leave. I wished him "Pongal Nalvalthukal". He did not expect that coming. It meant Happy Pongal. Out came the smile. He had forgotten something which he was thinking at least for that second. He smiled and wished me back. I went about riding my bicycle, as if I have accomplished something. :) :)

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nitin said...

very soon you will start writing poems! :) way to go, Lan!