Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Life changing experience

Kris Gethin and Hirthik Roshan, my role models. Wanted to follow in their foot steps. Took up a workout routine of  Kris for 12 weeks. I broke down this into 3 weeks and a break of 2 weeks and again 3 weeks and 2 weeks and so on. 

It was an awesome feeling to see some muscles develop after so much hard work at the gym. My weight has not decreased drastically, neither has my appetite. My waist size has reduced from 38 inches to around 35 inches now. The fat I have lost are the muscles I have gained, so the weight got compensated. 

Workouts are more intense now a days. Have gone into the high 70lb levels now. Weight training has its plus. During the 3 weeks on, I did not miss gym even for a day. On rest days, when I am not doing weight training, I went for a run. Nike running app is really a cool app, it tracks all my runs.  

Bodyspace app keeps good track of your workouts. Could track all my workouts and store for later analysis. I used every fitness app which I could get hold of and used it to my advantage. I never thought I would get the six pack definition. But it is part of the diet I followed. From someone who suffered from acidity and breathlessness, to someone who can pic up the 100 lbs dumbbell without a sweat, or okay with a sweat ;) My fitness journey is here to stay for a long time now. I found passion in it. It's time you thought about fitness, before it is too late.