Friday, January 1, 2010


Defining it is highly difficult task, as it varies from person to person. I saw a show on NDTV good times. Deepak Chopra was the guest, the host was some lady. It was good show. The reason I mentioned it here is because it was about happiness. Check the video below, it is different from what you would have seen before.

I was really struck by the health video. Deepak says, "When there is a conflict between the mind and body, listen to the body"; a serious thought. The mind would say watch a movie in the night, the body will be tired and say "I need rest"; listen to the body. This will improve your body's health. This is a very nice thought, I have decided to follow this one.

What we do around us, affects our happiness more than we think it does. It is within us. The more we are near to it, the more pleasure we derive from it. Healthy body is healthy mind. Healthy mind has more clear and stress free thoughts. The cradle of creativity is born out of free thoughts. A mind with clear thoughts is amazing feeling. Just try this, sleep for a day on time wake up early, eat on time and check how it feels. You will do awesome things, which inturn will make you more happy.

I had one such weekend, the new year has given me a good start to concentrate more on my body. The more depressed you feel, the more you concentrate on your body. The body will heal your situation through your mind. My dad's birthday was on the 1st. We had given clothes to the tailor to sew a shirt for him. I had forgotten to collect them. The last day the shop was closed and we could not collect it. I made a decision of buying a new ready-made shirt for him. It turned out to be the best decision.

On his birthday he wore the shirt and got lot of compliments. When he returned home, he shared it with me. He was really happy. It was a happy moment for me too. Life will not provide us with lot of happy moments like this every often. :) :)

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