Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Experience is Wealth

Many a times we live so much in the future, less in the present and don't even think about the past. Our state of mind some years ago was completely different than it is now. The past holds the golden experience, which we seldom realize. The things we do today is actually something we have learned in the past, how not to do things.

Experience is something which comes with us every day. When you look at somebody doing something which you had done several years ago, it sure roles your years backwards. They learn from something like the way you did some years ago. It sure brings a grand smile on your face looking at them struggle to put things into place. Sometimes you can teach them not to make your mistakes in life. Sometimes it is better left to themselves what they make out from the situation.

Mistakes is not all what you learn from. You could have done something really well on the first attempt. There could be things to learn even from the success stories. The mistakes are by and large the things you remember more than your success. But happy memories are there to stay.

When I moved on from my first job to the second job, I was really happy with the surplus and percentage hike in salary I was getting. It was a great feeling. As I was earning more I started thinking about buying better things in life. I bought a bike, a mobile and a watch, the list just grows from there. But the first thing I bought was a better sophisticated mobile. It was my dream mobile which I had an eye on for almost 6 months. I still am using it.

A new joinee at my office was looking for a mobile the other day. He was checking the costly ones. May be his standard of living has improved from his previous job. He is earning more now so he can afford more. How typical are today's young generation, which includes me ofcourse. More money is equal to more expensive toys. And my father always says- "save your money"....... may be he is trying to help me, so that I don't end up repeating his mistakes. :) :)

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