Saturday, January 23, 2010

Singh is not always king

My colleague at office had a rather bizarre incident that took place few days ago, which totally flabbergasted him. He was on his way home from dadar railway station. It seemed to be a normal ride or so he thought from there. The cab driver was a sardar. With no disrespect to the sikh community, please read the following with taking into consideration that this is a real incident.

I saw the movie "Rocket singh" with lot of expectation, it did not live up to it. There was one scene in the movie which I would like you to recollect. There is a scene where in, the computer stores guy, gives his goods to Ranbir Kapoor who plays the singh in the movie, with trust. He says, "I have never seen a sardar steal in my life, so I trust you. " Rather emotional scene and something to be proud about if your a sikh. Till then, I had a feeling that, sikhs are really honest and brave people. My feeling of mutual respect to this community was totally shattered when, my colleague told me about this incident.

After he reached home, he checked his time. The time was 4 o clock in the morning. When he looked at the meter, he was taken aback. There was something wrong with the meter, he thought, as it was way above the usual cab ride. The usual cost is around 200 maximum 250. The meter read 350 and more. Seeing he wee hours in the morning and with his family with him, he did not argue and gave the cab driver the sardar a 500 rupee note.

photo courtesy google search!!

The sardar gave the note back, to his suprise telling him it was a 100 rupee note. He was totally bamboozled by this. He did not have a 100 rupee note in his wallet. He just could not find out how the 50o rupee note changed itself to a 100 rupee note. He was totally flummoxed. He gave him another 500 rupee note and it was done. The sardar made an extra 400 bucks. The fact is this has happened to two other colleagues in my office also. The same station, dadar and may be it is the same sardar, as I feel not all sardar will do it. So it must be the same guy. Rattled, he asked me to write a blog on it. The cab number is MH-01, JA 2394


Kalyan ( Progress for all) said...


This is indeed superb. Great blog. People should definitely be aware of the fact that what happened with me should not happen with them. To put some more details please note down.
The cab that I took was from Dadar station from the Taxi Stand that is near Platform number 5 of the W R section.

This was the first time I saw two people siting in the driver's place, one driver and one helper. I have never seen this happening in Mumbai.

The cab driver also seemed to be drunk and the taxi stand that I am mentioning about is mostly run by "un-authorized" people with almost no control of the police in those hours of morning.

Doli said...

oh my! that's really bad... cheating people like that is pathetic!

kaka said...

hey how come u being in bombay didnt know this....never board a taxi driven by a sardar....i nkow lot of cases...they do this note trick aand also they take yu to their area and demand u pay up whatver u have and leave u wihtout any has happened to my uncle once and lots of peeple i know...the movie dialogue is shit.....hopefully it serves as a remanider for u in the future....

nitin said...

hi lan, really shocking this one...good you put the taxi number...your friend should also write to newspapers
plus, there are black sheeps in all community...but such movie dialogues don't help...the image of the community certainly takes a beating due to such bad incidents

capital said...

As you have the taxi number also, you can report to Police, and also Taxi Association. I always take a cab from Central Railways end... police do take down your name and taxi number there...for the note trick,have changes and do not show your wallet in front of the cab driver. One has to be careful and alert always.