Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dull 29th birthday

Going by the calendar it was indeed my birthday.... The 29th birthday .. But by the look of it, it wasn't the ideal birthday.

I did not get a chance to wear my new t shirt and jeans, and also was not able to take my dad mom and Priya for dinner ...

Had been to the temple early in the morning. That is the only thing to that went well.

The number of friends who wish birthday by phone has now reduced as I grow old. Facebook is the new communication channel. But my old friends do call me to wish. Feels great...

Yes, I was in office for the whole day till midnight... A cake cutting at office was the only thing that saved my day eventually..

The old lady at dakshinchitra , chennai who read my hands said that it would be a golden period for me from age 29-39.... :) It wasn't quiet the golden start though .....

I will never forget this birthday number 29, because of its uniqueness ...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


19th January 2013

The most difficult day of my life to see someone who was so nice to me die, giving me the jolt of cruel reality of life.. When Peter died I had the same feeling..

But this is more difficult as it was my father in law. It's a very difficult time of my life. Priya was shattered. She could not think of anything. It was just one of those days. Her cry of appa appa is still ringing in my ears.. It fills my eyes with tires.

January 19th 2013, would be one of the black days of my life. I never thought a normal Saturday could turn so traumatic. S Ranga Vittal, was gem of a man I had met so far in my life.

He took so much care of me that I believed I had gotten a second father figure. Such simplicity, such humbleness, such humility like no other men I have seen. Great men leave an aura for people to follow them. I certainly should pluck a leaf out of his life and lead my life as simple as I can.

I would want to stop comparing my condition with others and just lead my life as it happens and save as much as I can and think thrice before spending. Enjoying my life henceforth without comparison.

May his soul rest in peace.