Wednesday, March 18, 2009

That is Life!!

Some days ago, I read an article in the HT cafe. One of the guy wrote a column which brought a wise smile on my face. I know many might have missed it. So here, I wanna say his story again, because of how true it is. He writes that he was a good student at college. With a nice job, he could not ask for more. He happened to meet a girl by chance.

She was cute and both of them did make it out once after the initial exchange of numbers it seems. He says, she gave me lot of attention. This I guess was the initial phase as it happens in relationships. And he continues, I liked that kind of attention. Coming from a guy I can understand his feelings. He says, the girl used to call him and share some personal news. He says, they did not propose to each other, but he says he could feel it at the end of the tunnel.

I guess, they enjoyed a nice time together and liked each others company. The guy was in the 8th moon or the 10th star, when finally a day comes, where he was not getting the kind of attention he was getting. So the guy says, hey hang on this is not according to the script and starts calling her and sends sms. Some times she used to cut his call or may be leave it to ring and never reply back. The reply back for an sms had stopped long back.

Soon, this experience with the girl took another direction without his knowledge. As this was happening beyond his grasp of imagination, he used to wonder if he had done something wrong. Well he could recollect of nothing. He had lot of imaginations and aims in life before he met this girl. Because of this strange turn of things, his 10th moon status was reduced to a new moon. He was neither able to concentrate fully on work nor on his aims.

He happened to call a common friend. She told him that, his girl was going around with another guy. He says he was hurt, but asks "Why the hell did she waste my time?". He concludes by saying, thank god his career prospective and aims brought him back on track after these disturbing things sidelined him from his goals. I got a bright smile on my face reading it. Either girls constantly look for a better person and turn their attention towards the better one as soon as they are fed up with one or this guy is a nut and got everything happened between them some kind of imaginative love.

I feel this girl did run her charm around him, till the time she found out that this guy is not a boy friend material. So she cleverly started ignoring him. I feel, she did not care a shit about doing that. When I say this girl, I don't mean everyone, but most of them. If you ask a girl she would say the guy should understand the difference between what is love and what is just flirting and going out. If he can't understand this then she can't help. All I ask is, why should some one give so much attention to someone and then not give anything at all. If she does not have anything in her mind then why does she agree for a date or a coffee or a movie. Guys do fall for such things, which is so called just a friendly outing. They do come out of such things with a wise smile on their face reading such an article. :) :)

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Patricia Torres said...

The sad part is ... boys are always one track minded.. its always got to be love.. or beyond!! Why cant it just be friendship???

Plus.. women don't like to be confronted with such situations.. where they have to tell off someone.. They like the attention.. and make the most of it.. till then find someone new.. ha ha smart isn't it?? Saying that.. all women are not the same!!

LAN said...

yeah yeah; i knew this would be the sad part, to be frank.......friends don't go on dates 3 times in three days and then don't even pick up the phone...........
and as i have found out......all women are not like this.....those who term themselves as very good people never go for a date!!
very smart girls are i agree!!

et said...

Yeah that IS life.. and it gets so complicated with a girl around. "What men know about women?" is very truly, the thinnest book in the world!

And we guys should take some crash course from girls on "How to avoid anyone, anytime u feel like!". They have a masters' or higher in that!

LAN said...

well said!!