Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lesser known hotness

When it comes to Bollywood, if there is a new girl on the block; more than anything, we would atleast know her name. Otherwise we will atleast make an effort to find out the name of the actress. But the same is not the case in Hollywood. Many a times we scratch our head and don't even make an effort to find the name of the actress. I really don't know why.

It happens all the time. We forget to remember the name, or we can't remember their faces for long, as Hollywood actors don't act in a lot of movies unlike bollywood wherein, if you are willing you can act more movies. In Hollywood, the role of the actress is really valued. Not all say yes to all the roles. Like say Priyanka Chopra, she would do almost 5 movies in 3 months. It is like an overdose. In bollywood, you can hardly associate a role to an actress.

Kate winslet, if you remember was in Titanic. Do you remember how her role in titanic was? With awesome acting skills, she had mesmerized all of us with a fantastic love story. She got the Oscar for the Best Actress this time around for "Reader". (I have not seen this movie, but they say it is a gem). There is one more movie "Revolutionary Road", another block buster this year.

Now take Priyanka Chopra for instance, is she upto the mark, she won a Filmfare award for "Fashion", but she does not have anyother movie to talk about. Just one exceptional movie does not make a great actress. I am not saying, all the Hollywood movies are a hit. But the roles taken by the heroines in Hollywood is very very calculated. Hence there are more flop movies for a bollywood top heroine to show than her hit movies.

I wanted to make a list of Hollywood heroines, who are actually not very popular. But they have given some good movies here and there. Now this is a different prospective altogether. Less popular but very beautiful is the criteria. Coming back to my initial comment of not knowing the names of the Hollywood babes. They are hot and sizzling, but they do only a movie in a year. As far as acting goes, there is a golden rule, "Earn as much as when you are young". As you grow older, your roles will also change. But somehow, this rule is only applicable to bollywood. Even today all young heroines in Hollywood don't take more than 2 movies in a year.

Well, that is how they concentrate on one movie and make it a grand success. Seeing the dollar and pound with respect to rupee, no wonder. They must earn the profit of 5 movies in just 2 they do. Here are some snaps of lesser known actresses. This part of the blog is very hot. Statutory warning: Please use AC or fans to cool yourself. I will not say, all of them are great actors, but they sell.

She is Megan Fox (movie: Transformers)

She is Rebecca Romijn (movie: X men)

She is Famke Janssen (movie: X-men, Golden Eye): Most of her movies, I checked in wiki have never released in India.

She is Lauren Cohen (must be Jewish, Movie: Casanova) (With none other than Heath Ledger as Casanova)

She is Elisabeth Shue (Movie: Hollowman)

She is Hilary Swank (Movie: Boys don't cry, Million dollar baby)

She is Izabella Scorupco (Movie: Vertical Limit, Golden eye)

She is Sophie Marceau (BraveHeart, The World is not enough) (Being a french actress, she has done very little english movies)

She is Daine Kruger (Helen in Troy, National Treasure)

Last but not the least: Denise Richards (Movie: Wild things, she is more into TV serials)


Patricia Torres said...

I'm not a great movie fan.. so I should really be commenting!! But I feel you've done a great job with the collection. I dont even remember these faces... let alone the names!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Patricia above!

However am waiting for the day you will write a post "Lesser Known Hotness" based on the male actors of Hollywood :P

LAN said...

Yes, that is very true, they are very beautiful. We don't even recollect them.

Choco: Male actors huh!! hahhahaha i think you must know all of them!! :) :)

et said...

But some faces are never forgotten..
like Helen of Troy! :)

LAN said...

okay!! i agree helen of troy cannot forget her face....but the name of the actress.....Daine kruger...i guess remembering that is not easy!!

Yash said...

Movie or no aache hain.

LAN said...

:) :) yes i agree~~