Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hot bikes!!

Thinking about buying a fast super bike....well, I should have been a multimillionaire or my dad must have been an industrialist with lot of money to spend. In short, my father must have been very rich, or I must have a great amount of bank balance that I can buy one and show off. But none of the above is applicable for me. Not even to an extent that I can go for a second hand bike.

I do dream of buying one of those super bikes. The Yamaha R1 is on of my favorites. It costs around 12 lakhs, which for me is an insurmountable amount at this time of my career. So I made an ingenious plan. I really bought one of those Yamaha bikes!! :):)

Look at the snaps...

Well almost got you. The trouble is I cannot ride or sit on them. They are so small that, I just can show off. These are miniature bikes I got scaled down. See my ingenious idea works out atleast to show off!! :)

I got one more bike, this is the Moto GP bike of Yahama and Fait of the year 2008. Awesome I should say. More snaps!!

Now some duet snaps!! :)

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