Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kaneri Caved!!

Not many people know there are caves in Borivalli National Park. You need to take a bus, okay to be frank a mini caged bus. The most important part of the journey was at the entrance, buying tickets otherwise we cannot go inside you see. Yeah cutting the crap, we have to reach there at around 10 IST (Indian Standard time), so that you can get a amazing whole day to spend in there.

If you have a girl friend, then this is the place to visit often :). The entrance fee is a meagre 20 bucks which gets multiplied at every junction. The ticket is just to enter the park. After that every section has individual fees, which for me was like exploiting the labor class. You see recession and credit crunch and stuff. Some how we managed it. You will get water inside the park. But I would suggest you to carry some water bottles.

The bus took us to a point beyond which there was road repair work going on. The bus waala then should have ideally taken only half the price as we were literally walking for 15 mins to reach the actually caves. Yes, the bus has separate tickets too. The most idiotic part, dont loose the tickets you have taken, they have to be returned!! :) :)

We were like four of us. Sai, Amol, vivek and ofcourse me. Vivek was a new guy whom I did not knew. But did use my Colgate gel to gel with him. He looked like Jesse Rider from New Zealand. Only difference, Jesse is in form; and this guy Vivek is lacking some of it. This was my first visit, so I did not expect much. They say going to the park in the rainy season is the best experience, as the lush green mountains will capture your imagination for quiet some time.

There are 100 caves in all, phew that takes quiet some time to see them. We just saw a few of them and took some snaps. Monkeys were running marchhem, oh sorry it is mayhem, just missed by some months. Be careful with your bags and mobiles otherwise, you have to pray to Lord Hanuman, even after praying I doubt you getting it back. Please take some bananas, might come in handy in such situations.

We can spend a lot of time there, but we took just an hour and a half. The climb down is always simple. We reached the bus, which took us back to the starting point. The time was 12:30 PM. We wanted to check the Safari timings. But the next safari was at 2PM. So I would suggest you finish off the Safari and then go to Kaneri caves. We missed the trick of not going for the Safari first. We could not find much energy then to stay till 2 pm and then check out the Safari.

We were hungry and we were thirsty for some food and drink. The entry tickets you buy is valid for the entire day, so you can check out for lunch and then come back again. So make sure you do that, otherwise you will be paying again for the tickets. While retracing our way back we got lost a little, so be sure you ask people where you are going. Enjoyed I must say is a underword, yeah yeah it is understatement. I kind of liked the cover of this park, though we did not cover the safari part. Covering all the places would require lot of strength in the legs, otherwise your legs will just run for cover. There is boating and also a mini train. Again separate fees for all of them. So when you cover the whole park; keep a track of covering the expense also. :) :) cover that!!

Not a bad place to visit when you feel very down and out. You will get a lot of energy from the trip. I was kind of bored and really down for the past week because of some alarming events. Leaving them behind my back (yup the round one), I should certainly suggest Kaneri caves as one of a cool spot to hang out with friends. If you have not visited it at all, then this blog will shave, oops save as an inspiration for you to check it out!!

If you have not visited this place then here are some snaps to add ghee to fire!!

Yeehhh Dosatiiiii Hum nehi.....sorry forgot lyrics

That is a remanence of a bus (after Bajrangadal revolt after late 20th century, the bus has been really shaken badly out of shape)

Thats Sai and Jesse Rider (like "Riders on the Strom") , Look the glow behind their face. Buddha has enlightened them!!

Thats Human Wikipedia on the left!! :)

All four fall down!!

The place was very dark, I am very fair!!

Some art now!!Some monkeys as requested!~!


Anonymous said...

Nice post. Very informative.
But next time round more snaps please:)

PS Was expecting some snaps of the monkeys you mentioned

LAN said...

hey choco; i have posted some monkey snaps!! check out!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! So many of em!

That place seems huge too...

Vivek said...

Jesse Rider??? I shud find you and kick your ass.
The rest is tru.... I do have a halo like Buddha. I am divine and stuff.

Nice blog btw.


LAN said...

By the way, even Jesse Rider is not in form now a days!! :) :) :)

LAN said...

And thanks for the comments on my blog!! :)

et said...

Hey i've been to this place.. well it was a goddamn school tour.. but the monkeys wer kewl!!

LAN said...

its a awesome place man!! even today!!