Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Whats up gal?

Crazy as it sounds, I wish, I can just shout out loud and get my pent-up frustration away. I want to do something, but not sit idle in front of the stupid computer. I have to say, I am very much addicted to my laptop. I can go on surfing the net and doing something or the other on the net all day. I want to get rid of this addiction. They say to remove one kind of addiction, you have to replace it with another one.

The main reason for my addition is my blog, orkut (I randomly scrap a cute girl, try to pull her leg), facebook. I have to say, now a days girls have become so intelligent that they don't even reply to an anonymous scrap. To be frank, some girls do reply. The whole reason of socializing site is lost when a person becomes a closed book only to her/his friends. If you are not willing to talk with a stranger, then what are you doing in a socializing site. Taking nothing away from them. I pity girls who are cute and beautiful. They are forced to change their display image to a cartoon, or a flower. As the sex-ratio with respect to a cute girl versus guys has become increasingly acute.

Hence the cute girl becomes a victim of continuous bombardment, not only with scraps but also with friend request. Orkut has made lot of features to precisely avoid such an avalanche. Sometimes you are not allowed to scrap a person as she is not your friend. I have also seen lot of them, write in their about me section saying, "I am here only for people whom I know" or "If you don't know me, don't add me". A lot of them are victims of such "Fraandship" request from unknown people and they have had enough. This is sad, but none can help. This is how it has been and I afraid it will be the same.

Why is there such a rush of guys towards these gals, on orkut or facebook or any other socializing sites? The constant search for humans to find a partner with whom they can share things, can be a reason. Infact, humans minus the physical part are emotional beings. To share such emotions, they are in a wander to find the ultimate emotional partner. Being very selfish, they want lot of attributes in this partner. The basic criteria for filtering out their probable partners goes along the lines of looks, style and sometimes attitude. Being someone who meets all these three criteria means, having to deal with innumerable scraps and never dying friendship requests.

Guys (I am being really frank, not all are like this; but most of them are) looking at a cute girl, kind of imagine her like their future girl friend. They think they have to some how influence them and become a friend. All this to get a illusive partner; an emotional partner to be frank. This never works, even knowing that it will not work, they try their luck with everyone of them, which I should say is utter rubbish. Rather it just discourages the girl towards socializing.

The search for this partner of life, is as good as searching for a imaginary city of Shangrila. Many people mature early and understand their needs and their shortcomings, viz. imperfections and accordingly change their search. Or may be halt the search for some days. Some of them are so frustrated with this search that, they just give it up. They feel, the illusive gal is just a dream. For them this search is worthless. some are so very well emotionally balanced and content with themselves that, they don't actually feel a need for a partner. But life is such a leveler that, it makes them rethink some day.

The flip side of orkut is meeting very old friends through communities of school and colleges or tuition classes and many more. For meeting these old friends, we wouldn't have required an orkut. There could have been a alumni site wherein all the school and college students register. I am not confident, but if such a site becomes popular, then (I should actually take a patent for this :)) may be this would have been possible.

These sites for some minuscule amount of people saves also as a boon as they do find the gal of their dreams. But for most of them it has become worthless. The population of India makes sure that it stays worthless. Meeting some one of my dreams through a socializing site is fast becoming an impossible dream. The human urge, infact a lot of urge has resulted in upstaging the actual need for socialising. One fine day, I will have to delete my orkut profile as it is just worthless.


Amol said...

I must say...
I have friends who have found their life parners in Orkut. And they are as you put it "CUTE".

Guess you should consider changing your display image. :) :) :) :)

LAN said...

Well, I did include the exception in the last paragraph!! may be i have to consider changing the snap....

nitin said...


this has to be your best blog till date...i agree with every single word you have written. man, you have poured your emotions into this one.

i absolutely understand how it feels when you look for something and don't find it even after multiple tries...yes i mean "cute" girlfriend :)

now you know why i don't login to orkut :) it is better to look some place else for a partner than on social networking websites (don't know how to find one :) i guess we behave same way when we are on social websites or in real life

w.r.t your last para, have you heard of batchmates.com (now obsolete) this was good alumni website before other websites came along..

keep blogging. bye.

LAN said...

haha thanks man!!
i have not heard of this batchmates.com, i think something like that would be better than these sites; atleast we get to meet our childhood crush again!! :) :)

yogs said...

Hi Lan,

This post is really good....I am sure every male in India with access to internet would have felt the feelings outlined in your post..

Keep writing such realistic stuff..

LAN said...

Thanks Yogs, it was just a outburst of feelings:)