Friday, March 20, 2009

Dravidian style

"The wall", they call him. One of the wall at the Banglore Chinnaswamy stadium, has been named after him. Going by the look of it, I think he deserves all the block of the wall. He has been India's number 3 for a long time now!! I have really looked up at him for lot of things in life. The determination and concentration he shows, I don't know if anyone have got. There was a game versus England. He came in late in the evening on day 2. He played, played and played till the lunch on the fourth day.

Harsha Bogle commented with humour, "If a guy falls of a tree on 2nd day evening watching the game and goes to hospital for treatment and comes back again on the 4th day morning, he will not miss Dravid bat, as he is still batting!!" Interesting story, but it outlines the concentration and determination. Dravid being out of form for some time now, could not get going in the year 2008.

Even in the home series with England and Australia, he could not do justice to his batting. Only in the last test match with England he showed what he is made of with a century. His 66 in the first innings did give us the vintage Dravid. Just rolled us back to the 1990s and 2000s. The cover drives and square drives where a thirll to watch. The square cut is what I loved. It is still awesome today to watch him play the same way.........

Even in the second innings he was sent out to bat as opener. Some of his drives reminded his innings at Adelide where he won us a test game almost single handed. Dravid in form is a force to reckon. His determination and concentration is something I adore. He is also a great fielder. And now he has the most number of catches in the Test cricket too now. Bravo, Dravid!!

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