Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Random Stroll

Gone with a wind, swept by a tornado, walloped by a cyclone. Well that is what happens to my brain during the weekends. (I have named a very important guy, who can change things around for me with one of the above natural phenomena, ;) that's between you and me). So I got to places and found things that are very small in the context of the things. I found a majestic fish tank, bang in the middle of no where at InOrbitMall. See my java naming skills work EveryWhereIsnt?

So many rare fishes in the tank. Yeah back to the fish tank, I was saying about after the random blah blah. There were as many as 12 different fresh water fishes. InOrbitMall(java again, my TL will be proud of me ;)) is huge, very huge. We need a complete day to get a hang of all the stores there. There was a specific reason for my InOrbitMall visit this time around. I was in look out for a sleek Ferrari Puma shoes. Had been to many places just to taste a phrase called "No stock". Somebody told me that INORbitMall (yeah i know that is not java) had it.

So packed my bags (nothing in my bag though) and called a friend who lives around there. He came along, an amazing gem of a guy. I did make him wait though, man traffic in mumbai has reached such a situation that either I should leave mumbai, or traffic should leave mumbai, but both are not possible. So where was I , yeah I made him wait for sometime, then straight to puma outlet there. Bravo the shoe was there, and there was a 30% discount on it. What else do I need.

I was just wondering look at the sea of people (not the book sea of poppies, don't get confused), in so many people, I don't even know a single person. I should say, my friends circle is for that matter vast, or atleast I know a lot of people. This sea of people is so huge that, I cannot find a person whom I have influenced in the past, or who has influenced me. Yeah, i know I did not meet each and every person in the mall, but still such a huge Sunday crowd, and not one familiar face. Just applying this theory, how many people would be like me. Like not knowing a single guy in the whole mall.

Say I see 'n' people and there are 'm' guys like me, who have not seen a single familiar face. So using my mambo jumbo calculation, it comes out to be 'n*m'. Man the population of India is no wonder so huge. My friend told me that, the population of mumbai is as good as the population of Australia. And I tell you, Israel as a country as a whole, will not as many people as seen in mumbai. They say Kolkatta is more densely populated than Mumbai. Man I give up. I have heard of a term called population explosion. This is population nuclear explosion. (neat term na).

Sorry coming back to the fish tank, I would like to name each and everyone of them. But you see, I cannot take their names. It is forbidden to take their names. Have you seen the movie, the forbidden kingdom, well you will not believe it, these fishes were not at all a part of the whole movie. That my CPJ guys. ( I coined the name creative PJ). Check out the snaps of my new shoe!!

Yeah that is size 11, so please bear with the size of the box!!

Flipping it....may be the colour is too reddish; but when I wear it, it will look sleek!!


Anonymous said...

nice one da.


LAN said...

thanks da!!

Nikita Dutt said...


I liked your style of describing the whole shopping experience and more that you clicked pics too...and ya your shoes are really good...:)

Happy posting!!!

LAN said...

hey; thanks buddy;
It is nice to get compliments for something i trusted will be nice!! my mom and dad both did not like the colour of the shoes!! :) :)
you too; happy posting!!