Monday, February 9, 2009

Ambulance and Wheelie

Have you ever done a wheelie on your bike? I mean lifting your front wheel of the bike and going for a distance. Sometimes, you even go for a front wheel wheelie, that is lifting your back wheel. It seems easy when it is a bike. Okay now can you a big ambulance doing it?

A full fledged ambulance lift the front tyres both of them up, totally mind boggling. Well, I was watching Monster Garage the other day. Searched for some videos, so that I can show you something. These guys remodel any damn thing into a mean machine. They also have a video game named after their television series "Monster Garage". I have never heard about the Monster Garage crew. I was completely taken aback. Here is their site.

One complete week, 5 men, turn one old modelled ambulance into a fire vomiting monster. Check out these videos, you will also be impressed. Ambulance and wheelie, possible. :) :)


TheKeyBunch said...

Cool blog Lan! And your imagination is quite something too!Enjoyed the post on the ambulance wheelie:)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for taking the time out to comment too!


LAN said...

hey thanks gal!! just a show i saw on discover travel and living.....check out this channel there are lot of cool things here!!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Will check when I have enough download capacity :(