Friday, February 20, 2009

Birthday treats!!

I guess giving a birthday treat weighs heavy on your pocket. But the people you are giving the treat, makes the money look minuscule. Considering this time I was on the receiving side, I had fun; a lot of fun. My birthday is just round the corner. Hence, the tide of receiving will just revert. Just kidding!!

Awesome thing; when old friends unite. Talking about their present life; their developments at their front. Especially if it a cool place to hang out, the evening feels amazing. My stylish friend Kat gave a birthday treat, to her close friends. Sleekly dressed, with her ever expressive face, she was looking dressed to kill all the eyes that popped to see her smile. Clearly an eye turner on that given day.

We had been to 5 spice, a restaurant that is well know for its Chinese cuisines at Bandra. Utk also joined us. Even though she was late, the waiting time to get into the restaurant made sure that she reached on time, not to miss anything. She was again too cute to handle. The quantity of food that 5 spice provides in each of its dishes is really mouth watering. Amazing to see value for money in all its dishes. My friends Asad and Shyam, never to forget them. Being Masters in Baaji Boonda Association (MBA), he bulids his own theories. Shyam, my drums partner plays the role of good guy in the whole scheme of things. Both were doing great that day.

Here are some snaps, which shows how cool my small gang is. :) No prizes for guessing who kat is, the girl in the center of attraction, flanked by asad and utk.

The guy on the right is none other than shyam himself. The divine mortal form of modesty!!

"Saichen" vileparle is the next stop, this time it was the bus gang. I mean the x-bus gang. I am still in contact with most of them. They are just such a great people, that each and every one has a golden heart. Yeah I know gold prices are rocketing. :) We do have birthday treats very often, but this one was different. We played quiet a few games just to interact everyone; otherwise it is just a eating session. The credit goes to Nainesh and possibly Amol, I am not sure!! :):) I know she is a live wire in these activities.

Quiet an experience to play dumbsharads after a long time. Everyone guessing random names, but finally they arrive at the one given to them, just like cracking some code. The gang and its members are so big that I need a separate blog to explain each and everyone. One of them donned a cool gown, an was looking especially very cute!! I should say, she stole the show. Her name is Deepa, a great girl and a good friend of mine.

I got to say, the amount of smile and laughter in this room that came out on that day, could never be contained by any forces of nature. So much fun, really seeing so many people smile and laugh, tears rolled down my eyes out of joy. I just asked God, let this moment of joy stay forever. Now the snaps.

Again, no prizes for guessing who the cute girl in the gown is. :) She is on the left. The live wire girl is just beside me. I can never get that spirit that she exhibits.

Thats Peter, upto his pranks again. Picture perfect!! So many smiles!!

The guy who was host for the day!! :) Nainesh and Paaawaskarji the Bus coordinator the live pulse behind our gang and bus.

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