Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Going down country side!!

Recently, I had been to a place in Andhra Pradesh. It is almost in between the two states, Karnataka and AP. It is a beautiful village called Mantralayam, in the bank of the river Tungabadhra. It is not fertile land, a completely rocky terrain. To reach this place, you need to catch a train from Mumbai down south. Any train that goes to Coimbatore, Chennai or Banglore will go via this town.

The station is a little away from the village. To reach the village from Mantralayam Station you need to take a bus and travel 16 kms. There are lot of villages in and around this place famous for its temples. Mantralayam is famous for a saint. Sri Raghavendra swamy. He is a reincarnation of Sri Prahalada. If you remember, Sri Prahalada is the son of Demon king, Hiranyakasipu, who was killed by Lord Vishnu in his Narasimha avatar. So much for the mumbo-jumbo of hindu mytology.

I just wanted a off from the normal weekend and break the normality pattern. So here goes, I have complied the trip in a video, which can be very interactive. Check out the video and you too will like the place and want to visit country side somewhere soon. :) :) :)


Rajesh said...

Good compilation. Specially the last bit was candid.
Why don't you try in Films?

LAN said...

Thanks!! well films you mean the facecut or the direction :) :) :)

Mrunalini said...

Hey gr8 video man.. BTW i was also there in Mantralaya durin d time u had mentioned (Jan 26- 28 2009):)