Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hell met!!

They say if you don't use a helmet while riding a bike, then you will meet hell just round the corner. Hence the name "Helmet". Interesting as it looks, helmets does play a vital role now a days, as the police wala will fine you if you don't wear one.

I had a old helmet that was due for a change. More than 2 years, I have been with this helmet. It was high time I changed it. I got a new helmet 'Studds', very funky, neat finish, something similar to a dirt racing experience.

Seeing today's roads, I think dirt biking helmet goes well with it. The tracks of dirt biking they say is very unpredictable. I say, roads today are unpredictable. Here are some snaps, just to relive the new helmet moments!! :) :)

This is the old one!!

This is the new one!! :) :)

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