Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yamaha sizzles with its new bike!! R-15

A bike to reckon after a long time. A fresh breath into the bike making as a whole. This atleast looks and has the feel of an international bike. Yamaha R-15 is a 150cc bike; which looks surely like a R-1. Though it lacks the feature set of a R 1, but the feel is all what the Indian bikes were lacking for a long time!!

The Pulsar 220 has been a spell binding break through towards, this sparkling future for Indian bikes. Pulsar always does things, for every other to follow. This time it is Yamaha's turn, who have seized this opportunity to grasp what is called the market segment of bike freakers.

Yamaha bikes are always known for its pickup and acceleration. The legendary R1 bikes have taken the bikes to a different level. Every year Yamaha comes out with a better R1 bike, with remodeled body and . The mileage is the factor that at a very far distant height when you consider the positives of Yamaha bikes.

With back disc breaks, a model which is an exact replica of R1, Yamaha has certainly stirred the biker buzz, even before the release of the bike. They would have a struck a reverberating thunder, if they would have opted for a 250 cc rather than a 150cc. To be frank, I think this is a start for Yamaha super bikes in India.

The R1 today costs round about 10.5 lacs, which for the Indian middle class population and bikers is a seamlessly way above the upper limit. Super bikes have always been a dream for many, including me!! Every time there is a fuel price hike, these bikes are also tending towards the unattainable.

Coming back to Yamaha R15, has some magic positives like rear disc breaks, 6-speed (gear-box), 4 valve Fuel Injection Engine, 20BHP output, 150CC, and many more. With it comes the price tag and also the most common sense question. Is a 150CC worth all the price. Mileage also plays an important role to add to the fuel pricing today. The price is slightly to be around 80k, which is a 20k more than the existing 150cc bikes today. Come July 2008, this bike may be seen on the roads.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Latest news is that this bike costs around the 1L mark and the power produced will only be 17 bhp. Guess that is a bit too much for the specs. Takers of this bike have now started thinking as the Ninja that is scheduled to be launched during diwali is roumered to be priced at 1.75L. It is to be brought the CKD route. A stretch of just 70K will get you a definetely more powerful bike that has proven its worth across the world and has kept its reputation of being a pure performer.