Friday, May 2, 2008


Just recently I had been to Chennai, by Go-Air. 1B terminal for departure looked a little remodelled. I couldn't see much of it, as I was in a hurry to catch the early morning flight!! I did get a glimpse of what had changed. The outer wall has been completely remodelled and re-modified to a glass finish, which looks top class.
I came back home in a late night flight; again couldn't quiet get the time to marvel the magnitude of the phenomenal remodelling!! I was pleasantly surprised by the changes. It was very good. After all a change is a must anywhere.

GVK, who are the people behind this extra-ordinary change, have to be appreciated for an astounding job. Both the instance, I was just kicking myself, as I did not make that time to view these developments.

Then came my cousin brother from Chennai, this time I had been there to receive him. His flight got delayed by half an hour. So I got that interim time I was looking for, to explore the new airport. There has been significant change, the arrival terminal has been fully changed. It has a glass finish and is really spacious. Plasma TVs set for viewing the flight arrival details.
Even at midnight, the crowd at the arrival gate were amassed aplenty, waiting for their close relatives, or friends or business executives. As soon as their relatives or friends arrived, the eyes which were, so far searching for something, just burst into happiness. Amazing to see a person after a long time!
The lobby in front of Arrival has been extended, it has amazing ceiling work, it seems like somewhere in Dubai!! Everything is painted white, giving it a fantastic finish. Next time you are around the airport, make sure you don't miss it.
CSIA-Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport!!

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