Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Towing away!!

Mumbai traffic is hellbent in making commuters wait for iternity. Mumbai traffic police is a nightmare to confront with. All in all, the traffic has become a complete conundrum. Owing to this manifest reason, we know why there are not a lot of poets and writers now a days. As all of them are stuck in the traffic.

The metro railway construction has become nothing short of Dennis the menace. The four lane road, is what I call need of the supply chain. When you cut this four lane road, into two, you are cutting the supplies and making it frugal, which creates starvation and suffocation. This has literally caused a serious bottle neck in many of the places.

Andheri-Kurla road has seen a traffic rise exponentially for the past years, which has resulted in road widening. Now, this metro railway construction has brought the four lane road to two lanes, which has taken us back to the 1990s, with today's traffic. What will you do when you are stuck in traffic and you feel hungry. There are lot of fast food places around. One of them is Sub-way which is bang in middle of all this enigma.

I felt real hungry the other-day, wanted to park my bike somewhere in there. But the two lane road has left no space to even stand, forget parking a bike. All the parked bikes and cars on that road are being towed away. With which comes the fine for parking, as it obstructs traffic. I had to take a risk as eating a sub-way sandwich would take me just 10-15 mins. I prayed god and left my bike locked. I had made sure that, my bike did not create a bottleneck.

When I was having the sandwich all I can think was a towing truck and I was hoping that I will not see one. All I had to do was eat the sandwich and quench my thirst and hunger. I took about 15 mins to bury my hunger for some time. Then came the most surprising part of all, which I had never expected.

I stepped out of Sub-way and to my allay there stood my bike, not a inch here or there, just where I had left it. But there were more than 5 bikes parked beside mine. So after all this subway has shown me a way to learn a management lesson. When you take a risk and succeed, others will follow you!!


Anonymous said...

Please Co-operate for a Better Tomorrow

rajesh said...

I can feel your sentiments and the pain You have, everytime You sit on ur 220cc bike......In such situations you should Hire Amol Iyer who will sit on ur back sit
1) You can park ur bike anywhere and make him stand near it, doing so you can njoy ur sandwich or pizza....and wont need to worry about towing guys
2) Every time u drive you don't need to worry abt balacing the bike on the andheri-kurla rd which has more pits than india's population. Amol is expert in maintaining the center of gravity.
3) You wont need to worry about the traffic pandus, if they catch you, Amol Iyer will give them a wikipedia lecture of what actually the traffic signals mean in ethiopia and how they are used in India. doing so, the traffic wala pandu will surely think of taking up a training again...
BUT DO PAY HIM WELL, he is desperately looking for a job Change and andheri is most preferred