Thursday, May 29, 2008

Forcing India

Adrian Sutil, almost plucked the fourth place at Monaco, to give the Force India team their first ever points in FIA Formula One World Championship. Keeping his cool in the changeable wet-dry conditions put Adrian into an unprecedented fourth position in the closing stages of the race, but it was not to be as, following a restart after a safety car period - tragically on lap 67 of the 78 lap race - Adrian was hit from behind by Kimi Raikkonen. The Finn ran into the VJM01 that had kept him at bay for so long, puncturing the rear tyre and damaging the rear suspension. Adrian returned to the pits to retire from his finest race performance to date.

This is what Adrian had to say-
'I can't believe it, it was so close. It feels like a pain in my heart. It is like a dream gone to a nightmare - suddenly you are in the car and it looks all fantastic, then you have to accept it is not going to happen. We had a really good strategy and it seemed to work and we were so close to the podium and the points. It was after the restart after the final safety car that Kimi had a problem under braking and crashed into the back of my car. The race was over and it was a real shock. A few tears came out as the adrenaline was high - I just can't explain it. All the same I am so pleased that we did show what we can finally do as a team.'


kartik said...

Actually, i dont think Force India will ever again get a chance to score a point....It was the rains which gave them an opportunity for fourth spot. Also, it is very difficult to overtake in Monaco, so once he was in front he wud have easily been able to claim fourth spot....Bad luck..

Winder said...

"It aint over until it's over"...The unexpected happens @ Monaco!.. A circuit all drivers love to drive, and most of all, all viewers would hate to miss!... It is not just rains, it is the quick adaptability to the driving conditions that is most required... A perfect stratergy is the most important.It is a low speed circuit and you dont need much downforce on the wings, rather the car needs better handlingand a perfect qualifying... Add to it the 2 other unique mantras to monaco, one, drive safe, two, schedule pit-stop at the right time. There you go with a Monaco win, unless the sun shines on somebody else!