Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bird's eye!!

When someone says "Bird's eye view", the thing that always comes in our mind is a view that spans a very large amount of space and a very sharp eye sight. We almost miss the word bird in it. Even the birds have started saying, "Life sucks"!!

Just yesterday I read an article in the Times of India, wherein another 15000 trees have been slotted to slithering. The depleting trees have caused great alarm, not in just climatic change, but also vastly depleting the homes for birds. When is the last time we spotted a sparrow (which is a most common bird)? The fast developing urbanisation and real estate is building homes and creating jobs for many, but it is taking away the space and life of a bird.

Thinking in a point of view of a bird, just imagine tomorrow you will not have a place to live. No trees around. Where will the bird build its nest? The modern birds have adapted very well. Just yesterday I saw a nest built inside a corridor of a building where, there is less people movement. There are not a lot of trees around.

The pigeons and sparrows have adapted themselves to buildings, but still the species are going downwards. Sometimes their nests are destroyed. Their eggs are smashed. Have to say being a bird is a though job. Bird watching is a nice hobby. Listening and feeling what a bird things is entirely different story.
What if the birds invade our home some day? This can be a nice horror flick on hollywood. What if there is a breed of crow, which is very intelligent and better species of today's crows in future. Crows have very sharp beak. Today's generation of crows are what I term cowards. What if these crows adapt themselves with humans and tomorrow take a revolt against human race. Sounds and feels scary.

This reminds me of a question that Birbal answered Akbar in my 8 standard marathi text book. Akbar asks, "tell me what is the number of crows in the world?", for which Birbal replies, "Count the number of eyes of all the human beings in the world. That will equal the number of crows in the world." Which means the population of crows are double the population of human race. Even that sounds very scary. After all Crow is the symbol of "Shaani"-The lord of saturn as per hindu mytology!!

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