Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Today, orkutting has become so penetrative, that many have become addicts to it. Now, the day does not begin or end without checking scraps. Many expect to get in touch with loved one, for some check it as a hobby, for some it is a way to get back with their loved ones, for some find new friends and for some it is a matter of making money.

Orkutting has become a routine day activity today. There is so much to choose, orkut has become a way to go. Everyday some new features are being added. It seems to be a fantastic world out there. To catch up old friends, and to stay in touch with friends whom you cannot meet on a daily basis.

Being an online site, it has got its own disadvantages. It is open to all, the profile of any person can be viewed by any tom, dick and harry. There in lies the danger of over exposing. The privacy settings of orkut have been there. It has played a major role. When a very cute girl posted her photograph on her orkut profile. No matter what privacy setting she has, friend request just pour in. Every hairy harry wants to make friendship with the girl.

It must be very difficult for such girls to maintain their orkut profile, with hundred's of request coming in. They have to look into each and every person. She cannot delete all as there might be some guys whom she likes or knows. Such a nice place to keep in touch with her friends turns into a nightmarish experience.

There has always been makes and breaks on it, people who don't want to stay friends, or people with break-ups. It is always difficult to say good-bye. Meeting new friends, and knowing new languages and new culture is a great way to kill time. In most of the office, orkutting is banned as it consumes most of the office time. In some offices it is a matter to secretive action. In some it goes unnoticed.

All in all it has been a mind boggling experience for me to meet new friends and catching up with some old buddies whom I thought I will never meet again. With all its disadvantages, orkut still captures the mind of the today's younger generation. It is a nice way to express yourself. I just hope I meet more friends through orkut!!

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♥ ♥Duchess ♥ ♥ said...

you always write something we all can relate to...keep it up..