Saturday, August 1, 2009

Out of my first coma

I got a mail which told me about the horoscope of the coming month, which I had subscribed some year or odd ago. I had to click on a link, to get the complete horoscope. The detailed one which gives details about my love life, job, etc ... Something sparked an interest in me to see the horoscope for the rest of the year. They did have a link to check it. There were all the signs just in front of me.

The title above it said something which was slightly different as compared to what I have seen. It said "Moon signs", which was different to what I have seen so many days on paper. What we normally check in the news paper column is the Sun sign. This new epithet confused me. One link said "New user, find which moon sign you are". I had to fill a small form. It said birth date and birth time. Now I did not know what my birth time was. I knew that i was born on a Sunday.

I had to ask my mom about it. That Sunday almost 25 years ago was not as cheerful as it sounded for my mom. I was a cesarean baby. My birth had some complications. The food pipe that took food to my stomach got tangled pretty badly. After a long battle of survival for almost 8 hours, I made it a point to say everyone "Hi guys I will not give up". The nurse did shout at my mom's ears saying "Its a boy". My mom was unconscious but she could make out something.

I cried with full throat and indicated my arrival in this world, which is still the same labyrinth like it was then. I did fight really hard in the very beginning to survive. Like they say, Survival of the fittest. I am still to get fit now a days though. Seems like I was very fit then. If something would have gone wrong that day, this blog would not have come today.

The life which we get is an amazing gift. Every single day we live on. We don't bother a lot about many things. The birth, the character, the every breath you take, is a gift you have. Live it wisely as you wish. When you wait for a train, if it is late by 10 mins, we flinch. Not many get the point that we are 10 mins more mature and wiser. The experience we gather today is something for tomorrow.

The entanglements I face today in life, is nothing as compared to the one I faced that threatened my very survival. I am very happy to have stood here today, to see the smile on my mom's face day in and out. I wanted to finish of saying "Thats my life"; instead I think I will say "Thats my birth". Today will be yesterday soon, so enjoy today and enjoy its memories tomorrow. Don't forget to take a picture today. It will help your remind things tomorrow. You see, picture memory.

yeah yeah!! thats me!! dont go by the dressing!! :) :)


et said...

Ah.. did you just checked off all the boys from the followers list and kept only gals?!


LAN said...

haha nice question!! na; seems like guys don't wanna follow me!!:):) I did not strike anyone....anyone is welcome to be my fan... i do follow guys u see!!

Laila Of Course! said...

Interesting post! Like it a lot. :)

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nitin said...

Lan..i have always been your fan!

LAN said...

@Laila: Thanks for visiting my blog!! u have a cool blog!!

@nitin: :) :) thanks a lot!!

~*~ Jal Pari ~*~ said...

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~*~ Jal Pari ~*~ said...

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Dip said...



c-baby ha? i came out too easily.. mom went in labour, then hospital, she fell asleep and i was born.. how cool

LAN said...

:) :) very very cool;
you see i had a lot of tough time :)
thanks for visiting my blog;