Sunday, August 16, 2009

LAN's day out

What a day!! It was awesome, totally convincing. I could not have planned it more than this. I had registered for a workshop on Digital SLR camera working and basics of photography. I got up late in the morning. I thought of giving this workshop a slip. But I had already payed 500 bucks for it. It was at Atria mall. I had to travel almost an hour to reach there. Something urged me to go. I wanted to checkout the Canon lens on display there. It was a very big showroom.

I was late by 20 mins. The workshop session had just started and I got my goodie bag (Will get back to this one afterward). I was surprised to see so many people interested in the workshop. Almost 30-40 people had turned up on a Sunday(amazing). There were foreigners, slightly old uncles and aunties, young people. It was a mixture of ages. All were driven by only one word actually "Photoholic". I don't know if there is a work in English, but it sure is an invented word. All of them were either photographers are people who were very much interested in photography.

The lady instructor had command over the subject. She knew how to take the workshop and to what extent. I was delighted to learn the information she gave on lenses. The type of lenses, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and lot of other things which were very useful for me to decide on a lens to buy.

Every single person in that room, had brought a camera. I had not taken any, as I did not have a DSLR then. DSLR cameras have been on my mind for a long time. I did a lot of research regarding which camera to buy and had zeroed on one. Canon 1000D a digital SLR of which the price had dipped just a month ago. I did not take any snaps during the session. I was so indulged in the session that it never crossed my mind. The workshop was coordinated and done meticulously by Very professional I should say. The coffee and biscuits with it was icing on the cake.

After the workshop, on my way back home, I got down at Dadar and went to JJMehta and Sons store. It is a well known camera shop in Mumbai. I bought the Canon 1000D with one extra zoom lens. I started clicking some snaps at the shop and then came home and started clicking. I took some amazing shots. Now I will leave you to marvel these excellent shots. :) :)

Oh yeah the Goodies I got; check out the snap: (free magazines)

Check out the cool camera man!! :) :)

Some snaps from my camera: This is the best part :)

This snap was taken by the shop keeper. He did get a good smile out of me!! :)

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i love the books one best :)

workhard said...

I like the books pics too...

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Nim said...

hey nice camera...i love the ganesha picture...

Abby Kihano said...

you know what would be awesome? if you turned a photo into national geographic and they feature it! omg that's one of the things i want to do in my life time! i love photography!

LAN said...

@cute girl with the teddy:
Thanks dear, yes the camera is very interesting

Thanks thanks, :) your picasso blog is awesome

@Nim: Thanks dear!! :)

@Abby: NAT GEO huh all the best!! :)
Put some snaps on your blog of yours :) said...

oho LAN ... i used interesting for the post n nt for the camera :P ... uff!!!

LAN said...

@cute girl with a teddy:
I thought u said about the last snap of me!! :P said...

@ Lan : hahaha :-o
o ya :)
lols :P
no the post !!! :P

LAN said...

@cute girl with the teddy::

Thanks a lot for saying the last snap was interesting...hahha;
thanks!! said...

every snap was good ... bt i doubt abt last one though :P

LAN said...

@cute girl with the teddy:
Ohhh i c
i think you like it!! :P

workhard said...

Thanks..glad u liked my blog..