Saturday, August 8, 2009

I was flowered

August is always a month of festivals. I have to do lot of small work during such festivals at home. We have pooja at home. (If I would have said this at office, Mr. AB would have a raised eyebrow or two, useless humour) Usually I get some small jobs like cleaning here and there. My mom surely knows my area of expertise. So she gives me some work which I hate!! :( :(

But as the work I do eventually goes for God, I have no complaints. This time there was a bag full of flowers what we got the other day. Some of it got spoilt as it may have been the flowers from day before. The trouble was, we cannot use the spoilt flowers. The even bigger trouble was the size of the flower; it was jasmine.

I was given the job to separate out good flowers from spoilt ones. It looked very simple. I almost thought, wow that's something I can do. It was almost 3 -4 kg I guess. I started doing it one by one. Then I realised if I do it like this, it will take me 4 days to complete. I rate my brain to be very very bad when it comes to logic, but I am a quick learner. I checked out a logic to work on. Instead of taking out good flowers from the pack, I thought of taking spoilt ones out. As the number of flowers which had gone bad seamed less as compared to the good ones.

This I should have done a long time back. Now i decided to take handful of flowers and pick the spoilt ones from it and then hurray I have a lot of good flowers in my hand. This seems simple, but I started dividing it, I had to dynamically change my logic. Something went wrong, I was picking lot of spoilt flowers now. The logic could hold only for some time. What had happened was the number of spoilt flowers were indeed more than it seemed to be. And as the division went on the proportion of bad flowers increased exponentially as the visibility factor of bad flowers shoot up the dynamic curve of bad vs good.

I changed my logic and now started picking good ones from a handful of mixture. I had gained so much mastery in division of bad and good flowers that Adam smith would be pround of. Sorry Adam smith is associated with Division of labour. This is called concept mistake not spelling mistake. Coming back to division of flowers, I was almost through with the division. As at one point, the number of bad ones were more than good ones. Now my logic worked with utmost efficiency. I know lot of people will check who Adam smith was after this. Very bad very bad.

The human brain is very calculative. It makes a logic for even things like this, which we don't even think of. It creates complex logic very easily. It learns very fast, in one way of working does not work, it decides and defines another way. The complex logic of brain has been a essence of discussion for long now. Scientist have some discovery over it. But the lump some large brain eludes a lot of them. I don't have the brains to think about my brain. I can just shout at someone and say "Don't eat my brain".


Dip said...


i can smell the flowers

LAN said...

:) :) yeah yeah!! I took one and half an hour to separate these flowers!! Major task; mission accomplished

Nim said...

I love playing with flowers. the fragrance is amazing. funny pic u'v put up there...

Anonymous said...

Lol! Funny post!

ps: love ur header..