Sunday, July 12, 2009

A quick nap!!

Finding time for a quick nap has become like finding alice in wonderland. What can a quick nap solve? Before you go into the nap we have the same problems to face; after we get up from it; nothing changes!! The cruel world is the same. What can a quick nap do to you ? I have seen people sleeping just for 5 hours a day. Is that enough? I read somewhere that 8 hours of sleep is a must for a healthy life. I think it is all in how you feel after the sleep!!

One fine Saturday, I got up in a rather rusty mood. Irritated I should say, to be more precise. I got very irritated with things going around me. It was not surprising that I caught a fight with my mom. I try my level best not to get angry on my mom, as she is such a sweet person. But sometimes in situations like this, it is unavoidable; before you know it, it is over.

I skipped my breakfast; because of the fight. I don't know what happens to us when we are angry; we just show it on food. By staying hungry, we are just punishing yourselves. I tried a lot to understand my ego and alter ego, but I never found a way to show my anger other than food. Human ego and anger are our worst enemies not in the past; in the future aswell.

I did sober down a little by afternoon as they say time heals a lot of things. I did not talk well with my mom though; I was moody. I did eat my lunch. Then after some TV time, I dozed off. I took a quiet nap for almost 3 hours. When I woke up again, I was a different guy. Lot of energy inside me; I talked with my mom as normal. Nothing seems to have changed, except my way of thinking and action.

My mom knew everything in the back of her mind; she kept a low profile till I spoke normally. So like her. I went out met friends had a great time. When I woke up in the morning, I felt a small head ache, may be that may have triggered some irritation and then the fight eventually this quiet nap for 3 hours, made me feel fresh again. Sometimes, a quick nap can do wonders.
STATUTORY WARNING: Try this at home!!


Patricia Torres said...

Yes... a quick nap is always good for you. They say.. you get reenergised !! and ofcourse you can do a lot with positive engery!!

You sound so much like my brother.. And I used to tell him.. its no use fighting with your mom. You've got to understand her school of thought a little more. And trust me.. if you tell her what you want to in a more polite, respectable & with lots of love... she will give you anything in the world..

Warning - Try it... at home only!! :-)

nitin said...

lan, where is your previous post?

LAN said...

@patricia: you are correct; moms are like that!! :)

@nitin: It is down man; check below this post!!

Nim said...

I like your Alice in Wonderland Connection to this situation... Good one.. ;)

LAN said...

@nim: thanks a lot!! ;)

aqua gurl said...

thnks for visiting :)

Archana said...

For some reason I've never been a napper. Even if I try, I end up waking up more groggy. Lol, though I do think sleep is a beautiful thing. I love the feeling of a plush pillow and a comfy blanket - - such bliss. :)

LAN said...

@aqua girl: no problem!!

@archana: you should try taking a nap; it is bliss!! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't take naps either. I just fall asleep like a log and wake up all groggy.
Take out anger on food...You said something that is so true...:)

Rajesh Acharya said...

Hi Lan, nice blog.
you'll make a good story teller!!

LAN said...

@Choco: food is something we take anger on, very very true!! Sleeping is something which is so obvious, many people actually ignore it!!

@Rajesh: Thanks a lot!!

Manju said...

Hi! was blogwalking and I landed here. I 'm one of those who need my 8hours sleep everyday. If i get less than 6hrs at least i'm gonna be cranky one minute, then giggle and talk rubbish the other, i get really bipolar >_<
i also take it out on food when i'm angry, except that i don't stay hungry, instead i tend to pig out n eat like crazy haha

LAN said...

@Manju: Thanks for visiting ma blog!! :) you have a great blog too,
Sleep cycle is something people refrain to has lot of side effects like you have told :) :)