Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Inner you!!

What takes someone to like you or the things you do? What takes you to like yourself? Thinking about this, I always find myself gaping , thinking, processing, laughing and thinking again. What takes you to love someone in the first place. The way he or she is. How they dress? How they behave or talk ?

Really remarkable aspect of human nature is to like someone. It can be anyone, it may be a complete stranger, a first site at him, you like him. The character of the guy does play a major role. The turn on's also play some part, but nothing is greater than the personality of the person. The way he or she handles herself and things, pertaining to his or her sphere of influence.

Impression can be created in one day or the first meeting or over a period of time. The more you see a person, the more you know about them. It does change sometimes, the first impression and the final impression on someone. People tend to do a lot to attract someone or impress someone. It does work a lot of times. But nothing is permanent. Sometime or the other the true nature will peep out and show its ugly face some way or another.

The only thing that stays permanent is your personality, some one within you. Things which we might do, will surely look foolish and stupid to many, but what matters is how it looks to you. The more you think about what others will think about you, the less it will help in growing your inner-self. Shah Rukh khan acts, not all like his style of acting. He is true to himself, but surely shows some glimpses of brilliance, which no one can do. But many are mad on him, inspite of his over acting skills.

JK Rowling and her part of books, "Harry Potter" would never have come to her if she thought it was not a good story herself. It was a awesome story line, which no one would have imagined. Every individual does things and perceives it as he or she likes to do it. The more you talk to yourself and the more confident you are of yourself, the better individuality will come out. Infact it will shine and your personality will show itself.

People tend to criticize many a times. They would dent your spirit and dampen your morale. It can happen to anyone. The more one feels confident about themselves the more they can defend such situations. Confidence is a great power which can do wonders. The more you are confident about yourself, the more your individuality shines and more people tend to like the inner you. Believe in yourself and it will do wonders. You will feel good from inside.


Anonymous said...

I so agree with everything that you said in this post! :)

Abby Quijano said...

hahaha... this sounds kinda like the law of attraction. i like it! i've always believed in this stuff. i realized that when i'm happy... more and more people come to me. but when i'm sad and pessamistic it's like there's an aura that tells people to stay away from me-- no matter how happy i may seem to look.

i guess there's just some stuff we can't explain but yep... i agree.. be happy and everyone will like you for who you are!

LAN said...

@ Choco: :) thanks; hey listen i tired making a comment several times on your blog; but could not succeed!! some kind of an error; you don't have the normal commenting like I do. I wanted to comment on your blog where you said bye bye to your friend :) :)

@Abby: hahah thanks leaving your comments!! again; you are cute!! :) :)

Critty Critty Bang Bang said...

Now this is a post with depth!
I'm diggin' the blog. In fact, think I'll "follow" along.

LAN said...

@critty: Thanks a lot!! i hope you get some good blogs to read!! :)

Joy said...

You seem like a smart and wise person. Thanks for stopping by my SCSI blog. The piece that you commented on was drawn by my daughter.