Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mooseekah without lyrics

Mooseekah means music in hebrew. Its pronunciation sounds more like the word music in English. Listening to music of some other language, how does it sound? I have seen that, many people just don't like the sound of carnatic music or hundustani music. They say it is classical and not their style of music. Many are into filmy music. I don't blame them. It is how they are brought up. What kind of taste their parents have. What kind of situations they grow in, plays a vital role in what kind of music one listens to. But like always, there are exceptions but not a lot.

What is the kind of music do you listen to? Are you influenced by your parents or do you have your own taste? The amount of exposure you get to a kind of music style does not make it your kind of music. When I was a kid, I never had any great liking for carnatic music, I liked filmy songs. My father put me into learning classical carnatic instrument called Mirudangam. It is a south Indian drum, which has so many modulations that, we can even produce the sound of drums and also tabla from it. I never knew all this, I lacked discipline in it. Even after putting in my better efforts, I was not able to master it then. Its a different story that I sparked sudden interest after many years and learnt it and am still learning it.

Lyrics of music plays a vital role some say in listening to a particular music style. If you understand the lyrics, if it is in the languages you can understand, you will enjoy it better. Well I feel, music has no barriers, even if the language is Japanese or Portuguese or Spanish. If it sounds good to hear, you can enjoy it without knowing the meaning of the song. During my last visit to Israel, I used to travel by taxi for work to and fro. All the taxi have their radio on all the time. It is always Hebrew station and all the songs were in Hebrew. They do everything in Hebrew. English is still an alien language to many of them.

There was this song which I heard not once many times. Captivating song; it played in my head again and again. I had grown so much in love with that song that I could easily identify with just the starting two chords of guitar that it was this song. I did ask the taxi driver about who sung it and later asked my friend at office and downloaded the song. Ofcourse the song was in Hebrew and I did not understand anything, but it captured my senses. In another instance, we were stuck in a heavy traffic jam. Like lighting up a dull day, one song aired on the radio. There was something different about this song.

It was very familiar to me, but I could not understand it. When the song eventually filled the taxi with tapping legs and fingers, that I realised that it was similar to 'Whenever wherever" by Shakira. But there was something different about it. The music was the same, but it was in some other language. I wondered if it was Hebrew. Out of my ignorance, I asked the taxi driver if it was Hebrew. He said no it wasn't. He said it might be Spanish. It was indeed Spanish. It made an Indian and an Israeli tap their legs and hands and enjoy it fully even though it was not in a language we both could comprehend. Truly mooseekah is spellbinding and enthralling even without lyrics identification.

Hey guys; here is the song in hebrew that I downloaded.


Anonymous said...

Wow...Neva thought so much about the kind of music I listened to & why! Probably being able to play/create music helps you think further! :)

I listen to anything that fancies my ears..& no. not influenced by parents...cause they listen to classical & devotional...I have developed an ear for devotional only very recently! :)

Manju said...

Heyy!thanks for following. i like u, coz u said i'm cute!am i shallow or wat haha, i dont care lol
i guess it doesnt really matter what music ppl listen to, as long as it makes them happy :)thats the whole point of music isn't it, to touch ppl's hearts. you should have put up a youtube vid of that hebrew song you talk abt, i'm kind of curious abt it now.
your whole music post feels like such a coincidence for me, since i'm starting guitar lessons today.
anyway, i'm a new follower. c u around

LAN said...

@choco: Even though you think your parents kind of music does not influence you, at some part of your life it will :) :) wait and watch

@Manju: :) you are cute!! i will post the youtube link for the song in this post soon :)

Nim said...

hey u are so right...there are these times when my mum puts on some classical instrumental music and its sort of soothing...

But there should also be something like parents getting influenced by the music their children enjoy... cuz my mum thinks i listen to (in her words) Dham-Dhom music where men sound like crying women (Rock Music). ;)

LAN said...

@Nim: The vice versa is may not be true; as my mom does not like my rock music :) :)

Gayathri said...

very very true..i'm kinda into both carnatic n metal equally..i really comprehend the lyrics in neither of's that penetration of rythm into our hearts that finally matters..

LAN said...
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LAN said...

@gayathri: to be frank; looking at your blogger snap; you don't look like a person who listens to carnatic music :P you are very stylish; i was actually suprised to see a post on DKP :) :) true carnatic music also has lot of songs in Telugu and Kannada; most of it i don't understand; but enjoy listening to it!!

Vyzz said...

hey lan..nice song..been listening to it for sumtime.


thanks for this



LAN said...

@Vyzz: This song i can never forget; it has got into my mind; :P