Saturday, July 18, 2009

Biggest looser

I was looking down the barrel not long ago. I had gained 5 kgs from my recent trip abroad. It was tough as I did not show an signs of loosing weight. By that time, I had grown so lazy and had no inspiration to carry on my gym or jogging.

The only way to reduce weight is to follow a strict diet. Eating 5-7 times a day, small meals every time. 70% of reducing weight depends on the diet. Lot of people work out lot of days without giving a damn to their diet. They eat unhealthy food thinking that as they are going to gym it is totally okay. That I should say is not good at all.

I have a very responsive body. Very high metabolism rate as I am very active. But two weeks back, I had no inspiration, I had become a lazy bum; which is why I gained weight at the first place. The more I exercise the faster my body shows changes. Even the unhealthy food I eat does not stay on my body. May be it is my genes.

So one fine day, I decided to take control of myself. Made my lazy bum work a little. It sure takes some conviction and a lot of drive to move things when you are staring the barrel. I don't have a great body. It is just that I want to keep my belly flat instead of a parabola curve. I concentrate more on stamina than on building body. Life does throw you lot of challenges. This one was not a big one. Some people neglect such rise in weight. It is very alarming as gaining weight will indirectly lead to lot of other health complications.

I did cycling, jogging and some weight training. I used to go to gym by cycle. After a matter of 2 weeks, I lost 3 kgs. When I saw the weight machine, I had a big smile on my face!! Sometimes being a looser also makes you feel good!! :) :)


GOD'S own DEVIL said...

pretty nice bit of work dere,,,guess the weight machine is d only place where being a loser can make u smile.

Nim said...

good for u...i wish i had some inspiration...

LAN said...

@God's own Devil: thanks thanks!! :) :) very true

@Nim: I am your inspiration!! :P

Vanity in L♥v said...

hey lazy bum....
nice inspiration for another lazy bum.
thx for visiting
keep visiting...!!
take care

LAN said...

hahaha; lazy bum i was; still am; but with cute girls like you getting inspiration from me; i better get my bum going!! hahhahah

Vyzz said...

hey lan

damn cool ya..lost weight huh..the day i join the gym...sumthig will happen

but that day is such a blur



LAN said...

@Vyzz hhahah you should join babe!! just go for it!! i am with you!! :P