Friday, August 1, 2008

Once in a while~~

Once in a while, we meet strangers, who are totally different from what we consider ourselves to be. Just look at these people all around you. Everybody is having his own problems, his own world in which he/she lives. As we have our own temper arousing problems, we never think about them. There are a lot of strangers whom you will never meet again in your life. Online friends, pen pals, friends from a different country, wherever you go, what ever you do, there are stranger aplenty.

Once in a while, when you feel you are alone and lonely. Even a stranger can make a great friend, only if we have the time to speak. Some are very flashy, with fancy hear gear or dresses. The pretty girl walking next to you. The bald man with a big fat tummy. The busy executive formal guy with a bluetooth headset in constant conversation. The attitude guys, direction seeking moron's, typical chinese guys, not so pretty girls showing attitude, guy speaking loudly on the phone with a paan in his mouth.

Once in a while, we get to know people, through work and through friends. We meet so many people that, we don't remember names of many. How often do we store a number in our mobile phone, and afterwards wonder whose number that was? Unless you have good memory, it is pretty difficult to trace it out. Sometimes there are these elderly strangers, who give some advices as to how to fill a form, how to solve a certain problem. There are many things in life that we get help from strangers.

Once in a while, we meet with an mishap, while I was riding. Just as I always do, I raced my bike to the front row of the signal. When the signal turned green, I was off like a unstoppable river, slushing and gushing through the roads. Like a nightmare, a cyclist came on my way from no were. I thought of bypassing him, but he came right in front of my bike. So I had to break all of a sudden. That was an example of a sudden break!! Everything came to a screeching halt. I lost control of my bike and had to taste the ground.

Once in a while, I took the ground for a change. I lot the next 5 seconds, I did not know what happened. I lost consciousness, I was there, I was awake, but could not trace the thought process of my mind. It was a complete blank. The next thing I saw was, 3 complete strangers, got my hand, lifted me up. As I could get my bike up, stand, nothing had gone wrong, just that my mirror was broken, with its impact to the holy earth.

Once in a while, comes God, in human form of strangers. Gives us good will, protects and helps us to stand on our own foot. Strangers, come and go. They have life of their own. If only we can see them from their point of view. After all they are also human beings, whom God has summoned in this world to help us.


Winder said...

Sometimes shit happens... Thank god it is still India!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you saw so much light in an otherwise dark incident in your life.