Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Getting into a weekend; brings a great joy. Saturday always comes with a free token of happiness. Lot of plans, lot of places to go, sure you we have a plan. How many time do we call our friends, for a movie and go out to a mall on a Saturday or Sunday. Staying home on a weekend, gives a different feeling for the whole feel.

Starting the free day with music, gives a great kick for the rest of the day. This Saturday, I was listening to my world space radio. Usually I am more into rock, rap, hip hop and traditional music. When I was changing the channels, I came across a channel, which played orchestra music. The likes of italian and american jazz. So majestic setting with climatic crescendo.

It started rather nicely with slow pace; but gathered momentum and turned into something like the back ground score of Adam's family. Something which is usually played in the Hollywood horror movies. My mom listening to this, was taken aback. Born and brought up in a completely traditional kind of taste, she could not digest this kind of music. She was of a the feeling this is Christian's church music. This coming from a south india religious hindu house wife, I just smiled at her comment; changed the channel.

It was bollywood music now!! All latest movie numbers we being endlessly being bombarded. Sometimes when you hear to a super-hit song, many a times, you get bored of it. There were some fast paced songs; some slow ones. Then it was AR Rahman's soul stirring, music like never before. It was the turn for the song "Kwajaji!!" from Jodha Akbar. A song based on qawwali music, which has got a ancient history of singers, who have sung this kind of a style during the mughal empire.

A completely Persian style, with a lot of devotion in it. When the song started, my mom started singing with it. Just to complete the story. A person who is so much against the so called orchestra church music, is singing Persian Muslim style song. Well, and we think Muslim's and Hindu's don't go well with each other.

Why has this happened? The credit goes to AR Rahman, because his music seems to break boundaries. Seems to reach places, where no one can and will. Just getting my mom to sing traditional qawwali style of music, totally astounding. The latest songs of Janne Tu Janne Na, are also gems. I have to say, one more feather on the cap for the maestro. From Roja, to Airtel commercial. The journey as he says, keeps getting better and better. He is also going to feature in the next "The Lord of the Rings" movie, whose back ground score I am sure will be similar to church music ( not exactly). May be that is why, they call him, "Lord of Music".

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