Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who is King?

It was kind of a off season for good movies. No movies could have been categorized as it will go down the memory lane. Bored of the routine life, it is these movies that give us entertainment; show us something new to revive some fresh energy. Refreshing our minds about some real life story, or a fantasy story. Never will we forget out action heroes. The spider mans, the super mans, the fantastic fours and the new mutant heroes like the x-men. These characters have not only etched our memories, but also made us watch the movies made out of these characters, some of which have made down the memory lanes.

The Dark Knight, was one such movie, which has made the characters from DC comic series of Batman alive. The back ground score has been made with elegance. The story has got great twist and turns, which makes Batman always shift his gears. The bike and tank car are in the class of their own. The Batman movies are always dark, set in the night with amazing picture clarity. This one is no exception.

Heath Ledger, has done a once in a lifetime role of the Joker. Mindboggling stuff this. He has completely blown away everyone. He has not performed in the movie, rather he has turned himself into a joker. I would say, you should watch the movie for the joker instead of the batman. Morgan Freeman, has shown his sarcastic brilliance. The Batman, Christian Bale, with all the gadgets, is good. Always the movement and expression of the Batman are minimal due to the suite and masks.

Amazing story line, complete bass background score for batman, Heath at his best, amazing cinematographies and best stunts. I know the stunt double for Batman could never been seen, even if he is right in front of the camera. All these make 'The Dark Knight', really a great movie to watch during any dark night. I saw it on the big screen at IMAX wadala, worth the money I spent.

From million dollar hollywood movie to a bollywood movie, 'Singh is king'. I watched this with no expectations. One thing was totally different from the other bollywood movies was, the dressing sense and the songs were unusually very short. Only the title track went the distance for some time duration. All the other songs were very small. A comedy movie, which has a little bit of emotion. The best was the dance from Javed Jaffrey as "Mikha Singh".....

A comedy movie that can be given a slip I guess. Not a great story line, but Neha Dhupia and Katrina Kaif, make it a good reason to give it a try. I have never seen Neha, being so stylish in her movies. Meanwhile, I got hold of a old movie, 'Notting Hill'!! Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, with a very simple movie.

I have seen this movie before, but in parts. The spellbinding romantic movie, with julia starring as a heroine 'Anna Scott' and Hugh Grant playing a character of a guy with a travel book shop. Each and every scene has been made so wonderfully done that it goes into that memory lane of the brain.

The costumes, not to say the sarcastic comedy in almost all the scenes and above all the supporting cast have given a brilliant performance in tickling the laughter bone, quiet so often. In all I would consider Notting Hill, as one of my favorite movies off the 3. But the Dark Knight will surely go down the memory lane!! The batman, does not want him to be called as the king. So I would go with Notting Hill.


La Pixie said...

well, I have see Dark Knight three times at the regular theatre, but I still need to go see it at the IMAX. I did see it at the Cine Capri once. I loved it. Morgan Freeman's line to the would-be blackmailer was spot-on perfect!! I also enjoyed Gary Oldman. I think he gets overshadowed by everyone else's press, but he did a phenomal job.

LAN said...

I am totally into sarcastic comedy; and Morgan Freeman is so awesome!! :)

Amol said...

If you loved Noting hill,
Guess you must watch The Devil wears prada, You got mail, Kate and Leepold etc etc ....

By the way I feel, The Dark Knight is the best movie ever made and has no parallels.