Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pumping Iron...Not exactly

Joining a gym is not a great deal. I met a friend after a long time, he said he met a guy. This guy had a fully built up body and had a "I am fit" tag hanging on his neck (okay not exactly). His biceps were so huge that my friend had to flatten his tummy when he was around. It seems he was not that fit some time back. Once while he was climbing stairs found himself out of breathe. That day he took a oath that he would join gym and work out and be fitter.

Today he is not only fit but has a well built up physique. He goes to the gym everyday without fail and spends two hours. He is a doctor. Well this kind of determination is very much unseen in a normal guy. Not all of them can take such an oath and be true to it every single day. I wonder if I can do it. But to be frank, I don't have a unfit physique and I am able to climb stairs without any extra effort. But that is now, as I age things will change. For staying fit at all ages, strengthening muscles and bones when you are young is a must.

I got some inspiration to join gym and get fit. But being a lazy bum, I would not have the determination to gym more than 2 months. So I thought, I will go for Kick boxing. I will learn something different. So I started looking for some classes in and around Mumbai. That was the time one of my friends called in for joining a gym sparked an influx of thoughts. So the thoughts came back and so did the inspirational story.

There was this gym near my house, which was offering yearly subscription for both cardio and weight training in an attractive package that will not be heavy on your pocket. We opted for this gym after several phone calls to different gyms. This one met the exact budget scenario considering this global meltdown looming large on everyone's head like a halo.

I joined this gym and am getting up at 6 every day and turning around lot of things in my life. My health and also my mood swings. I feel good after the gym, though it does pain a lot. After few days, this will change I think. In my previous gym, I had lot of warm up exercises before I could even touch the weight machines. Here there are none. The warm up is on the machines itself, which I found out to be interesting.

Even now my biceps are still a little sore. 15 pounds one the first day for biceps I thought was a little too much. :) :) The gym is very cool. Here are some snaps. No girls around here too. I really don't know where are all the cute girls. By the way, I had been to HDFC back for some statement crap. I got to say there were 3 girls in the bank, all were too cute to handle!! :) :)

Coming back to the gym, here are some snaps of it. Lets see how may days I can keep the inspiration going. See I am sweating it out atleast for now!! :) :)

Thats the halo behind me!!


nitin said...

I think, I know who your friend is..:)This friend of yours is still waiting for an inspiration to join gym and shape up. It is said "If you wait for an inspiration it will keep you waiting." Tell you stupid friend to "just do it".

LAN said...

:) :) yeah!! so just do it :)