Saturday, May 2, 2009

Back tracking the terror attacks

I could be termed as coward. May be I am a coward. I did not go to the Taj for almost 6 months after the terror attacks. Well that was not entirely because I was a coward, but because I stay very far from that place and I never had work at this part of the city. But this is no reason for not coming down here. This has been on my mind for a long time now. I finally got a chance to go to city.

We planned a hike to Elephanta caves which is one hour boat ride from "Gateway of India". The caves have been battered a lot from olden days. Most of the statues have lost their arms or legs or sometimes even faces. For reaching these caves, after the boat you have to take tickets for a mini-train and then climb uphill. Quiet a taxing workout to do all this and see some broken monuments. But as they say, it is history and it is precious. But it is amazing fun. I traveled by a auto, taxi, bus, electric train, a ferry boat and then a mini train. So much to reach here. But it is worth it!!!

There are 5 caves to see, all of them have a shiva lingam. Lot of monkeys running mayhem. Please check out the history of it guys, I have no idea why they are there. All I know is, he trip was fun. But I will try to know the importance of this place soon, I promise!! :) :)

The Gateway of India was under some maintenance activities(not because of terror attacks). A section of Taj was also being rebuilt. As we came back, we were totally exhausted by that time. Mumbai and humidity in one line means, you are a goner. We did take lot of water, but eventually we had to fill them again. Please carry some food aswell, it will help. From there we caught a Taxi coming near to CST station for a lunch (late one). Around 4 pm we started our lunch.

After lunch we took a walk along to CST station. It was a little gripping to grasp that in the same place, so many lives were lost. I felt swallowing a gulp of saliva a little harder than normal. But the station was full and overflowing. People everywhere, busy and no time to loose. They were just looking for their trains and leaving. The trains were also on time. I did stand there for a minute and prayed in my mind for those who had lost their lives. Looking at so many people walking in and out, I just feel everyday life has to just move on!!

Here are some snaps to backtrack those moments!!

The start Churchgate station.

Then this guys as you know is "Gateway of India"

This behind me is the timeless Taj, where everything took place

On the ferry, from Gateway of India to Elephanta!! behind me is Taj and Gateway!!

Some snaps from Elephanta caves. Indeed it is Incredible India as the forigners have to pay Rs. 250 and Indians just Rs.10/-, sometimes it is glad that we are Indians.

The Gang

Guest appearance!!

Last but not the least CST station!! I take a bow!!


Motley Fool said...

Liked that sign advising you to not tease the monkeys but to use government guides instead :D Wonder who proof reads all these. Incredible India indeed!

LAN said...

hahaha indeed man!! it is incredible india!!
no one reads the sign!

Anonymous said...

Very nice snaps Lan.
I am just glad that the Elephanta caves statues have not gotten further abused. Still remember reading about it in the History books :( Feel a little J cause I've never seen it :)

It is sad that a bunch of terrorists & miscreants have so little regard for both life and history and the whole world put together cannot bring them to justice...

LAN said...

It was very bad initially during the attacks, now things are back to normal!!

shreeja said...
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shreeja said...

heyyy the renovation of gateway of mumbai is bn happenin evn before the terror attacks...!! i rem goin ther jus a month before the attacks...n aftr them too..! the gun shots-cracks on the window pane frm wher the announcements are made wer still ther evn aftr 3-4 months aftr the ws sooo fresh ..u cd feel the terror!! those windows wer removed jus abt 2 months ago! but the crowd is sooo lively...ul realise the meanin of "life has 2 move on" jus by standin on the CST paltform for a min...!!

anywayz as usual GOod work LAN...m imopressed!;-) n u have made it much easier for the first-time goers to elephanta caves!! keep it up dude!! :-)

LAN said...

wow thanks!! and i thought it was difficult to impress you!! :D