Thursday, May 7, 2009

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I am not a good reader. I am actually very slow when it comes to completing a book. And If the book is not like what I had imagined, then the reading pace further slumps. But I try to complete the book now a days, however boring the book is. I read mostly non-fiction or books which are written on a real life story(fiction). I read two books off-late. "You are Here" by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan and the "The Kiterunner" by Khaled Hosseini.

I picked this book by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan, "You Are Here" at crossroads some months back; this was not the book I thought it would be. I expected it to be a comedy like "The Inscrutable Americans", but this turned out to be a serious book and more into sarcastic humor and relationships. I did read the story line before buying the book. To be frank, as I am not into this kind of fiction, I was not able to enjoy this book. It is said to have been a great hit. Arshi the character in the book, suddenly finds herself without a boy friend, without a job at 25. Her love life has been chaotic . A life that revolves around her break up with her x boy friend, flatmate Topsy, her so called "boy friend", a dream rich guy kabir and her childhood friend Deeksha. Good read if you are into such fiction.

It is a very bold book I should say. Well thought out and well written. A girl's prospective of things I should say. I did take a lot of time to go from one chapter to another, sometimes even getting disinterested. The girl's feelings has been portrayed rather bravely. I don't know if this is the notion that girls of the new era follow. Nevertheless a fiction has to be read as a fiction. For some of you, this book is just a night's read. But for me it took almost a month to finish it. As I told you I am not good with fiction books. The book has around 250 pages.:) :)

"The Kiterunner" another well know best seller by Khaled Hosseini. Real life stories are not dramatic. They are very slow. For such real life stories, the author must have a great influence with his writing style to make it feel good. That is exactly what "The Kiterunner" is all about. I started reading real life fiction stories after reading the book "How Starbucks saved my Life!!".

I absolutely liked this book. It gives great insight of the then Afghanistan and how it has been dilapidated today by the Taliban. The joyful days of the author when he was a child and the painful days as an adult. It really is a great book for real life fiction enthusiasts. The story is not dramatic and it is explained as simple as it goes. Amir and Hasan enjoy their childhood days at Kabul, till they are jolted by the Russian soldiers and have to leave Afghanistan to go to Pakistan and then America. His motherland brings him back to Afghanistan, which he did not plan.

Lot of twist and turns in the storyline, which keeps you interested. As the story unfolds there are lot of dramatic events which takes you aback and makes you feel for Amir and Hasan. The daily sufferings of people in Afghanistan is something I pity. The storyline keeps you awake for a long time. I read this book in a week's time. Fast as compared to my previous book. This book is around 330 pages. :) :)

I am currently reading a documentary book called "The smile of Murugan"; a documentary by Micheal Wood, on his visit to South Indian temples. I have gone through only few chapters, already I am impressed. The adjectives he uses to describe things is totally cool. I hope someday I can write like him!! :) :)


Anonymous said...

Lolzz. Hey not all fiction is bad. I just finished reading "The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime" and it was awesome!!!

LAN said...

how is this book? does it have a interesting storyline? Sounds like a interesting story line!!
I am not against fiction, just that I don't have the taste for it!! :):)
I made some shelfari update on my blog with a shelf and all!! :)

Anonymous said...

all I said I thought it was awesome!!! :)
Now I am off to watch lost.

LAN said...


Anonymous said...

You have books that I have not read o your book shelf. I am going to borrow some to read :)

LAN said...

:) anytime; whatever you want!! :) :)

et said...

Yeah heard of You are here. Review says that it's nothing different from her blog with romance n urban life injected in..
Anyways I would like someone to suggest a really good book! :)

@ choco
Just months after the movie release.. and there's a whole (awesome) fiction spoofing it's name?!!

LAN said...

@et: yup you are correct; she also writes a column in Hindustan Times Cafe. She writes about blogs and how to develop them; plus gives some blog ids which are good. I don't follow her blogs. So can't really say how good they are.

Anonymous said...

The book was written way back in 2003, I guess. The movie happened recently. So isn't it the other was round then? :P

LAN said...

hey guys; what are you talking about!! which book and which movie? I did not understand; :)


i luvvvvvvvvvvd the kite runner

thnx for reading my blog

keep writing
ur blogs great!!!

LAN said...

@photogenic devil; thanks man!!