Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Developing Personality from within....

Every single day, you meet so many people, who touch your heart. Make a mark in your mind and some whom you look forward to meet in the future. Some of the characters are so pathetic that you don't even bother to remember their name. We don't kind of remember such comic people until you really have some thing that they can help you with. Otherwise, it is just that "hi-bye" kind of relation.

Even such comic people have lot of characters that you can learn from. Yes, let’s not talk about them. Coming back, the charisma the different personality’s exhibit are really so attractive that, we without our realization start liking that person. We start to collect reasons to meet them. We want to know more about that person. Human tendencies of curiosity will eventually make us know more about them.

We live a life copying style, lifestyle, characters, dressing and eventually personality. Each and every person has a role model, whom we look up to follow the trend. Many times we tend to loose our individuality, and try morphing them. Eventually we end up being the role model, if not look like them, but feel like them from within.

We look for mutual acceptance from others for this personality. It may be a change in dressing style, may be a hair style, little make-up, dying hair colour, etc… We kind of expect some comments from others, to feel that what we have done is good. Sometimes there are good comments, sometimes it is bad, and sometimes there might be no comments at all.

Impressing others can also be motive behind such morphing. Just from wearing a so called cool pair of shoes to a fancy hat!! Everything is going down and up for that tiny comment from the person you like. When that compliment never comes from that intended target impressing group, the other compliments seem to be just statements. Humans are always looking for acceptance for what personality they want to be, rather than the personality they are.

Individuality is a price word, which is something no one else has. Individual likes and dislikes cannot be buried, for just that personality development. Today’s generation of youngsters are becoming more erratic and ruder. The attitude and language sense are more tilted towards rudeness in the “Rude or Not” scale (I saw “Hot or Not” show just yesterday). Attitude problems have become not a problem, but a worry. What kind of personalities will our future generations instil?

As the research goes, it seems we inherit morphing personalities from people who are alive and present in our era 80% of the time rather than people, who have found their graves. If this rudeness continues, then our future generations will follow suit, without even knowing that they are rude. Let’s stop here and think a little about the derogatory comments and talk to the hands attitude, we possess without out notice. We are born with a pure heart, only the situations, surroundings and people around help us build our attitude and personality towards life.

The style guru’s think they are very cool, by morphing them you think you are very cool. Life goes a whole circle. So the style guru will eventually follow you, thinking you are cool. Break the morphing circle and eroding rude personality attitude. Next time listen to the heart of the person you are talking to, rather than his cute face. Bring out individuality and bring out kinder heart.


Ashutosh Didwania said...

Well everyone's different in their own way..So calling someone pathetic just coz u don't like him/her is not really justified. After all Adolf Hitler was supposedly the most hated man on earth at one point of time but look how big a name he is. People have opened companies dedicated to his name.

I completely agree to what you've written on morphing. It is indeed a cause for worry as far as today generation is concerned. Very well written!

I'd written similar articles on morphing in the fashion domain as well as the society in general. Do let me know what your thoughts are regarding the article content

Pasifik said...

very good article!



LAN said...

Thanks guys for the review!!

Ashustosh: I have commented on the article u have written; have a loook; good day

pasifik: good to see you, thanks for the compliments; i did see ur blog; i will go through it fully and tell u....