Monday, September 22, 2008

Traffic with life control!!

I was on my way to Kanyakumari from Thiruvanathapuram on a bus, quiet a comfortable one I should say. The bus was trotting along, for most of the distance. It moved so slow that, I could formulate a theory for road traffic. An aberrant comparison between road traffic and life itself. It sparked my mind, which is always is in random ramblings and shambling. I should attribute these random thoughts to the latest book I read, "Freakonomics".

As the name goes, the book is about freaking thoughts and comparisons proved with profound intellectual statistics, hanging on with ground reality of common sense. Just as you go through the book, you will understand how different it is from the rest of the platoon. A book, which gives out of the world thinking profess, collaborated with disbelieving facts and stats, that will totally rock your contemplating prudence.

With topics viz. questions like-"What Do Schoolteachers and Sumo Wrestlers Have in Common?" and "Why Do Drug Dealers Still Live with Their Moms?", all I can say is these comparisons resemble a kind of freakish random non-collinear thoughts, that in-turn flips your rather diabolic paradigm of thinking. Such penetrative ideas, gives your relating brain an upliftment and makes you think in a collateral way.

Coming back to my Traffic theory and my comparison. Traffic today, can be related with our life itself. The author in Freakonomics compares two totally different real world entities. I thought of comparing one real world entity with our life. The fuel to each vehicle can be seen as not only the food we eat, but also energy and hope of life. The way you ride or drive the vehicle describes your attitude towards life. The vehicle itself indicates your status, your financial background.

The rate of overtaking, leaving behind many can be attributed to your growth. Each and every think a traffic on the road has can be had parallelism in our life. We do have road signs, that lead us to the proper destination, without getting entangled in the never ending road to our pinnacle of success. These road signs, can be considered to be our advisers and teachers.

Again, when it comes to rules, the road has its own set of rules and regulations that has to be followed. The same is applicable to life as-well. You have to abide by the law. Surprisingly, both the traffic and life are punished by law. Just that, the colour of uniform of a traffic police and the real police are a different. You can cheat, but some day you will be caught.

After all, the life and traffic does go hand in hand well. But there are rather different things like friends, parents in real life, cannot be had substitutes. Life does do go on different roads, to reach a specific destination. The roads may change, the traffic may change, the destination might change, your financial background will change with your vehicle, but rules remain constant. Success in life means a lot, but reaching your destination on road is just a mere accomplishment!!


Vivek Lv said...

Excellent article.

Vivek LV said...

We,the people with the basics of Science have created these signs for our own well being.May be there are some hidden 'SIGNS'from outside world,which cannot be seen by all and may be seen only by those people who are having their last journey...Life warns us many a time before nature shows its power. May be these signs too....

LAN said...

Thanks da, We do have the replica of life, in the principles we decide and follow~~ :)