Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rock on!!

Phew!! It was a quiet a movie guys. I loved every part of it. The music was mind-boggling, really exhilarating. Hindi movies getting a rocking paradigm shift. Rock music, in general does not care about the lyrics in the song. Usually, it is very light on the lyrics, but very heavy on the metal rock. The songs in the movie "Rock on" are no different. The lyrics are very light and has simple words, which makes the songs even more enjoyable.

The storyline, was again a disguised one, and reveals itself when the movie progresses. Where-in the present life of the rockstars are shown. And for some reason, there has been a split in the gang in the past and the rockers have gone different ways, which is kept as a secret beyond the interval. As and when, one explains or thinks about the past, the past life of the band is revealed.

Farhan Akhtar, the lead singer(wealthy investment banker now) and Arjun Rampal, the lead guitarist being such good friends, have a bitter fight and every thing falls apart. The band as they name it 'Magik' has the 'Killer drummer' as he calls himself, Purab Kohli(KD) and the electric piano player, Luke Kenny. The subtle humor part in the movie is taken care of by Purab Kohli and Shahana Goswami(Deebie), who is the wife of Arjun Rampal. Shahana Goswami does have a great impact left on you after the movie. She has a great body language and acting skill, that will sure leave you searching for wallpaper of her on Google. (I searched for her wallpapers, man I did not get any!1 :(

The main character of the movie is Farhan Akhtar's wife, Prachi Desai, who wants to see her husband happy. Very lazy wife of a very wealthy investment banker, I should say. She is the wholely responsible for the reunion of the rock gang. The group Magik, as it is called reunite after running from pillar to post almost 10 years.

Farhan starts to feel very good about the reuniting. Arjun Rampal being very poor, scraps his way through hurdles in life. Luke Kelly being a cancer patient, fights against death and music. The movie see lots of some twists and curls, but finally it meets the Rock concert, wherein all the four unite to play the concert of their life. Starting with the "Tum ho to" and a wonderful song of "Sindbad the sailor"..... Follow your dreams, is what they seem to say from this movie. The happiness in life is when you follow your dreams, which will help you achieve limitless goals in life.

I have been learning a Indian drum. After this movie, I thought I should rip some music out of it. So guess what, I just struck the tone one fine evening; and played it after a period of around 1 month. Feels awesome to be playing and making music. Music is indeed magik, which stirs soul of life. I have included some of the clips of the drum evening. Listen to it, it might ignite some music in you!! :) :)

I call this "The Reverberating Thunder"

This one I call, "Sound from Kailash"


Anonymous said...

some serious hand movements there!!
liked the 2nd vid

LAN said...

Hey thanks a lot!! :P