Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Management skills of house wives!!

Today, the world turned on its head. Even a paan wala wants to be an MBA post graduate. Laloo Prasad Yadav gives management lessons at the IIMs. Things have changed, and the people's mindset regarding management also is changing. They tend to learn management lessons from everyone. Even a small lesson learnt from someone like a boss of a minuscule hotel, which when implemented at a higher level in our scheme of things can prove to be handy.

Learning never stops, it is not a be all and end all. It is the path to be followed to attain higher excellence in life. Just by ignoring someone because he is so inconspicuous, we are just underestimating the lesser unknown potential of the management guru inside him. Where is all this going.

Today when you join an organization, at our young age, we just join as a trainee, or some very small position. As years go by, we hop jobs, we go places and after a great period of time, we eventually become bosses. We have a group of young trainee's under our guidance. This is as per our rankings, job skills and also through the rating, which is eventually given by your boss. Similarly, today's house wives, get married stay with their mother-in-law, work very hard to reach some position. Have to struggle on their own, and as the time goes on eventually get a maid servant or a daughter-in-law, on whom they can show their command.

Just some days back, I saw my mom beating the hell out of our house maid. Listening comprehension may give you good marks at GRE and other competitive exams, listening management gives you just the skill and exposure, of how to handle certain situations which can be mapped to the current scenario. The way my mom was being tough on the maid, made me pity the maid. I even commented, "If you are so hard on her, she might leave!!"

But mom being the management guru she is, has seen more than a dozen maids like her. She is more than just experienced to handle the situation with such elan. She made the maid sweat it out and made her a cup of coffee and some light talk at the end of it. She talked about some personal issues, like "how is your son?"; "what is he doing now?" just to make the maid feel comfortable.

I surely felt that the maid will leave, because of the way my mom manhandled her. But to my surprise she did not. She got a pay hike the, next month because of her neat job. I thought may be the maid did not have any other place to go and had to rely on us. Even thought went kaput, as she worked for more than 3 places excluding our place.

The maid lived in a slum, which was demolished for road widening and land development. She was given a home far away from our place. So she had to leave us. When she eventually left, she came home, hugged my mom and cried. (very emotional farewell) She bid good bye. I never in my wildest of dreams, expected this, after the first episode. I have to accept that my mom has better management skills than I do. Again, I learnt some lessons of how to handle people, how to manhandle them to get better results, from the woman handler==my mom!!

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Winder said...

True da... They are very efficient at this...