Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life in a slow lane!!

Today's life has gone into fast-forward, with the amount of the time required for travelling a distance always tends to reduce, as the technology and innovation make it faster and faster. Many of my buddies will disagree with it and say nothing will give heed to Mumbai traffic. The serious bottle-necks eventually impedes the movement of traffic, which by far helps us to have a look at our wrist watch 15,000 times before we reach our destination.

Being in a fast lane, always feels wonderful. Reaching destination in very less time, makes us feel there is nothing to do. Just taking the traffic jams out of the equation, we should say we are still in the faster lane. The electric trains, which are lifeline of Mumbai makes the faster life even faster. People living in a city, when they go back to their native place, feel the life at their there tends towards nothing but slowness. But the slowness of life also shows us things that we would never notice if we would be in the fast lane.

I have a bike, pulsar 220, which makes my travel very easy and of-course faster. I ran into my second servicing. I had to give away my bike for repair works. As long as I was travelling on my bike; I never had the time to look around. I just love riding bikes. The surroundings kind of moves as well in the rate of knots. I was used to the fast lane driving.

When I gave my bike away, I had to travel by bus or walk. I choose to walk for some days. There is were, I came across many late developments near my home. I would have never noticed a new bank, a new showroom and a new ATM. It is now I understood what all round development means. It was marvellous to see so many people choose walking after work.

Water logged areas, how to get around them. I found many cross roads, short cuts. Got to see small temples and places which I had seen during college days. It was great refreshment of fond and vivid memories. New hawkers, new bhel puri stalls, new offices many many more things!! Also to see, some major landmarks diminish to nothing. Roads widened, when you are on the bike; you never notice the width of the road unless you cross it. Some old shops taken over by new ones, remodelled and refurbished.

And finally, I found a brand new Nike showroom. It has been started 2 months back. I never knew it. I got a Federer's Head Tie I was looking, for a long time. After all, being in a slow lane helps us catch up with things that we have missed, in the fast lane!!

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