Sunday, May 30, 2010

Times of Disturbia

There are times wherein, the more you think of what to do next, the more you go into spiral thought process. Moving things around is actually the toughest part. When everything seems against you, you kind of stay determined for the time and then find a way out of the situation. Sometimes you find the easy way out, sometimes it is the tough way out. Till today, I have always been taking the easy way out.

Easy way seems like the best for the short term. But looking at the future with a wide angle lens, it seems to be a stupid decision. This time I choose the tough way out. Choose the tough way and you have to be prepared for the things that come along. It is very difficult to hold yourself at these times. Some times I start doubting myself, in the way I do things. That is actually the most difficult mental state to handle.

The recent past have not been the best of times both personally and professionally. Broken, dejected, forlorn are some of the words to refer to my mental state of affairs. The renaissance to topple all this from my head has began, but it is taking a lot of time to defy the power within. Proving some of my critics wrong, is not going to be easy, unless battle from within is won.

Mental state contributes a lot to your daily chores. I have been sidelined badly with thoughts questioning my future. The enthusiasm, zest, zeal and hope seem to have dropped quiet a bit. Getting them up online needs application, determination and most importantly belief. Lacking some small percentage of any of these, will not make a good recipe for success. The next few months are going to be really jolt me around. I feel, I come out of it with bright colours. Hoping to look down upon this post in the future and have a bright smile on my face. "Yes you did it"


NIM said...

u'l figure it out man! :D

LAN said...

thanks dear!! I hope so :)