Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Russians with Krishna consciousness

I was totally blown and undoubtedly surprised when a Russian the speaker asked a question to a crowd of Russians seated for a talk on Vedas and Purana. The question was who wrote the Vedas..... I knew the answer, but before there the question could sink into my mind, an Russian replied with the answer, "Vedavyasya". I was knowledge level of these guys was not what I expected it to be.

I did not know a story of how Vedavyasya wrote the Vedas. They explained a story of how the Vedas was written by Lord Ganesh as narrated by Vedavyasa. I was impressed, totally. Their knowledge I thought was totally different. I have heard about foreigners and Krishna moment, but this was the first time I was among them. Me and my friend went there and thought we would leave in an hour or so. We did not. We stayed back there for almost 3 hours.

Firstly there was a series of bajans on Krishna and Rama. Then there was a lecture on Bhagawat Gita. They took a verse for a day and elaborated on it. Explained the meaning of it. By this time I was totally blown away. Then came the questionnaire wherein you can ask doubts in Gita. The guru there would explain you what it means in a correct way. Some of the questions were on "belief in god", "what is athma?" and "What is the meaning of life?" On that lines. The guru could not answer some questions too. He said it is beyond his level of knowledge.

Then came the best dinner I had in whole of my Israel trip. We had water with Pudina (mint), it was awesome (totally). Dal, rice, potato bhaji, pakoda, the items kept on coming. The dedication they showed makes me rethink my dedication and faith in god. Looking back, I feel I should involve myself more into spiritually awakening things. After all it is one form of finding peace from within after a rough day at work.

That is Lord Jaganatha.

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