Saturday, May 1, 2010

CSK time has started

Dhoni has come of age. Cannot take anything away from this man. Cometh the hour,Cometh the man!! His single-handed effort got CSK into the semis. I was doubting them even making it to semis. Just an effort that can lift the entire team up. Two huge sixes when it mattered under spine chilling pressure. Captain Cool as they call him, took the game to an totally new level on that day. For a start they had to win 6 out of their 7 games to reach to semis. That itself defines that this team has something, out of ordinary. They beat the so called the best team of IPL 2010 Mumbai Indians in the second round encounter.

Semi-Finals with the defending champions was no easy opposition. The Deccan chargers had come from behind on many occasions. This time it was not to be. It looked like a lost game with a very poultry total on the board. But CSK defended a very small target.The roaring steam of CSK rolled them over and it was much an one sided affair there on. CSK-- into the finals they go. Listen to the roar of the crowd. Not even a bunch of people turned up for this game.

Next stop, The one and only. The Godly team, could not be beaten, best bowling in IPL 2010, Sachin Tendulkar's leadership, best best best Mumbai Indians. Playing infront of the no supporters or very less supporters is not a great feeling. The were just a bunch of yellow jersey in the crowd. Sachin's doubtful split web, heal miraculously in just 2 days. He is on pain killers, but he will play the game. The crowd go berserk on seeing him for the toss.

The toss goes Dhoni's way and Mumbai for their disappointment have to bowl first. This many feel is the turning point of the match. If Mumbai bat first, they would score so fast that they would require only 10 overs to reach the target they want to set. And they would have bowled out CSK in the next 10 overs as all the MI players have to catch the Local train before the game ends. If MI could batted first, even an Ant can drive an aeroplane. All those if this then that supporters of MI are still thinking like this.

CSK batted first. It looked like a slow start from Murali Vijay and Hayden. The innings got in progress when Suresh Raina came into his own. Scored in such a pace that, Sachin could not spot the ball. It was flying all over the place. Catches win matches. Mumbai Indians ka "Dil hara" saw a high shot from Suresh Raina's bat fly up and then fall on the ground. Even I could have done that sitting at home watching the game. God's knows why he is paid so much to watch a ball sail up and drop before him. MI missed the dolly. Raina thought, let me give another chance, these guys are too battered.

Another ball goes high high, and comes down bye bye. Zak drops it this time. Raina thinks, what a waste these guys are. I could have taken that catch with 2 fingers. Then Comes Dhoni, who yet again blasts few lusty blows, after that Srikkanth Anirudh comes in the last over. Son of Kris Srikkanth. Last over Lasith Malinga kisses and bowls. I just saw Sachin rub that ball near his groin. How can this guy kiss the ball. Coming back to cricket, 3 dot balls in a go. All looks like a fantastic last over. Then make shift Wicket Keeper Ambati Rayadu plays musical chairs and lets one go for 5 wides. Then a last ball four makes it 13 of the over. I hope Mr. Malinga will wash his mouth with sanitizer after the game.

Then comes the batting of the great Mumbai Indians. Shikar Dhawan takes gaurd. What does he do, plays so hard. I think he has memory issues, he must have forgotten that he is playing a T20. For a moment, I felt like I was watching a Test match. First over maiden, can you believe it. Next over, he went packing home. IPL is over for him. Sachin and Nayar where playing like they did not know how to run between wickets. CSK missed lot of run outs here. Finally Dhoni took charge and got one. Nayar gone. We are all expecting Kevin Pollard to come in. You know who walks in. The best batsman of Mumbai Indians team, Harbajan Singh. What a waste!!

He was the pinch hitter. Before the time I could pinch myself he was in the pavilion licking his wounds. Now we are waiting for KP to come. Tan ta dan, Ambati Rayadu walks in. What the!! Sachin tries to play all the shot in the book to get some respectability to the score line. Now he gets out. Now we are waiting again for KP. The crowd goes KP KP KP. Tan ta dan Saurab Tiwary walks in. Common you got to be kidding me. He goes bang bang and Raina takes a stunner of a catch. The crowd again go KP KP KP...... Tan ta dan......JP Duminy walks in. Dhoni the clever fox brings Muralitharan. Gets JP for nothing. Finally when they require 17 runs per over, walks in KP. The crowd goes KP KP KP...... Bowlinger has the ball, KP has the bat. The balls goes all directions he scores 22 of that over.

Mumbai Indians supporters think it is tense moment in the match. Oh man!! a nail bitter. I look at the required run rate. it is 15 runs per over. Nail biting my foot. KP and Rayadu have a CEO pep talk in the middle. KP says I will take care of everything. Then next ball, gets Rayadu run out. Rayadu must be thinking, "Saala Ghanta Take care"....... Dhoni keeps a mid off and a long off. He must be a fool, I say. Next ball KP goes bang straight to Hayden. Plucks a catch out of no where and says "KP take care". (Rayadu must be giving some bad words in telugu by now) The Mumbai Indians heart sink!! It was such a close game. Yes ofcourse CSK win by 22 runs!!

Dhoni lifts the IPL trophy and the crowd roars. No one in the crowd all coward Mumbai Indian supports have gone home. It was the most silent prize distribution function I have ever seen. Next day everybody are quiet, no one speaks a word about the game. All the Mumbai Indian supporters close all their openings!! Now that is like CSK saying Shut Up now All you Rascals!!


Anonymous said...

Uhhh...Sports...And me...Enough said...

Great to see you back to blogging though! :)

LAN said...

Yes indeed!! :) quiet a while that I was away from blogging;
Great to see you too :)