Saturday, December 12, 2009


It was like years that I had accessed my yahoo account. I had left it to rot, literally. My teenage and probably most of my college days and my first job searching days, is when I used yahoo. I used to check mails very often, almost every day. The net connection then was not great, and yahoo had a bulky mail account, which took several minutes to load and login. Five years ago, yahoo had more than an influence on me. We even created yahoo groups during college days where we could keep in touch forever(it seemed).

Then came the Google bubble, the orkut bubble and now finally the facebook bubble. Not to say the farmville bubble coupled with many other attractive timepass games with facebook. Twitter is looming large on one side. With all these taking middle seat, yahoo has been completely pushed of its place once it had. May be it is still not that intriguing as others. But it does bring me back after all these years the nostalgia of yesteryear.

Coming back to Yahoo, the site has not changed a lot over the years. The thought of logging into it brings back memories of my college days. How I used to wait for a reply from someone..... How I used to mail......The language I used to write a mail. The broken vocab of an immature adult. I am still immature (that is what some think, I am neutral). The sent mails gives me an complete idea of how clumsy I was. As you learn from your mistakes now, the clumsiness has been refined now.

I had around about 2000 mails waiting for me; 90% was spam. I learned that the job sites I had registered were still sending me mails for 0-2 years experience. When I started, I took up a call center job and worked for a US process. It felt like heaven during the training session. My first job; I got the offer through some job-site and ofcourse Yahoo mail. When I started working, my sleep cycle and the repetitive job played a huge role, in me quitting it.

After that, I got my second job, I had forgotten about yahoo. I started using gmail and was very happy with the speed at which it operated. Gmail and then into Blogger, I never looked back. Now facebook and twitter, the years have just galloped yahoo. No wonder yahoo as a company is not doing good. Even the new advts of yahoo, did not give that much zeal to get back. But now all of a sudden like as if, I am out of a coma, I logged in. The most important thing was that I still remembered my password. :) :)

As the trend goes, yahoo has been hit very badly by its competitors. The new CEO of Yahoo, is getting things online, giving it a "Everthing starts with You" motto. Yahoo is the same after so many years. God knows, if it will come of age and come back again. I updated all the job sites. Lets see if I get another job. :) :)


NIM said...

Yahoo has been taking a back seat for quite a while now. and they do nothing to improve either! The last time I logged in on my yahoo account was 2years ago! And i don't miss it, so that ok coz gmail is the best :)...i'm sure u must agree Looking for a new job? Too much traveling taking a toll on u?

LAN said...

@NIM: quiet true; but they can come back!!

Daman Tiwana said...

haha.. I agree with the Farmville bubble .. :o)
for me, there's a greater cafe world bubble ... :D

Daman Tiwana said...

I am following you!

LAN said...

@Daman: I did not know about the cafe world :) :)
Thanks for following me!!

LAN said...

@daman: I saw that your hobby is photography :) do you have a photo blog? :)