Sunday, December 13, 2009

Healthy heart

Healthier lifestyle means a lot to an Indian today. I went jogging this Sunday, and most of them are standing at the pav bhaji stall and looking at me as if what they are doing is awesome, and what I am doing is show off. The look says it all, they are so surprised to see someone go jogging.

The attitude of Indians today is more of laziness and less exercise. When I go by cycle, everyone is really taken aback by the amount I sweat. One humorous incident that happened was, once when I went cycling to office, the door man asked me if it was raining outside. I was covered ofcourse with some sweat.

When I had been to Israel, just a stroll in the beach side or any park, you will know the amount of effort they put in to keep themselves fit. They go jogging, cycling with all the gears. I developed a small tummy with the food I had there. I was really embarrassed to be among such a fit young crowd. I could not see a fat guy. It was so rare. Everyone was slim and fit. I consider myself a little fit than the normal Indian crowd. Even I was made to eat mud. The ladies on the other hand, not all are fit. But they try their level best to stay fit.

That kind of an attitude has to be imbibed in the Indian lot. Most of them neglect health, even I am included in that. They don't take workout or a jog very seriously. The office going lot have time to blame. But they can infact make time during the weekends, or may be wake very early in the morning for a jog or a walk. Heart is one valuable asset that we posses, the more we keep it active, the more it will give back.

If you allow the heart to go for a sleepy lazy lifestyle, then it will stop cooperating with you. One day it will stop all of a sudden, only to fill the eyes of your family in tears. If not for you, take up exercise for your family's sake. I am not a genius in this, but I know if we can exercise the heart for atleast 4 times a week, you can save those precious tears.

It is a challenge I have taken up. I don't know how much I can do justice to it. The lazy Indian lot, should get a kick on their back and get going. India has the most number of heart problem cases. This should change for good. I hope people will eventually show some heart to care for their heart!! :) :)


DT said...

absolutely right!!!!

NIM said...

I so agree with u about us being so lazy...but India is not really the country with the maximum no. of heart diseases..its the US... but that's no excuse for ignoring exercise...
But still i'v noticed that many people now have started realizing the importance...

LAN said...

@DT: :) :)
@NIM: I did a research man; check this
Country/Region Extrapolated Prevalence Population Estimated Used
USA 23,751,538 2,936,554,051
India 86,145,412 10,650,706,072

LAN said...

check this dear!! :) sorry the above figure blah blah
check this link

nitin said...

did i inspire you to write this blog??? :)

LAN said...

@Nitin: Well you are just one in the huge group of people who dont exercise; but you are improving!! bravo